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  1. 15. On or about August 22, 2018, affiant is engaged in the phone conversation with cardiologist Dr. Brian Gross’ nurse, Pam Boatwright, pertaining to Cascade Health Alliance’s dictate that Dr. Brian Gross could not give affiant a referral to the oral surgeon because affiant lives in Klamath County. Affiant asked Pam Boatright, “Are you telling me that Klamath County owns me and has taken custody of my medical decisions?” To which she replied, “Yes”.

    Now I comprehend the situation.

    Yes, we are slaves.

    If I had a million Imperial Credits of the realm to give I would, though, it would only be a temporary measure. All other remaining slaves would still be imprisoned.

    What I say is not meant to harm, instead it is only to inspire all who read to rise up and be what you are born to be, free and independent.

  2. Henry, a most comprehensive account and method for standing up for one’s self, and a modeling to others how to stand up for themselves. I must read it a few times over for deeper understanding; my mind is stretched in taking in so much detail. But I am very glad to learn of this process as modern-day life has us continuously navigating through bureaucracy and its red tape. Such a maze, but you point the way. Please excuse if I don’t yet have full understanding.

    I looked up the origin of the word “mandamus.” Says 16th century, from the Latin, literally “we command.” There’s power in that word. And I think of its first syllable “man,” and see that the mandamus process is not only for each man, each individual, but also for mankind, for everyone. We just have to know how to assert it. They have kept us from this knowing, with their bread and circuses, and their wars of theft and death. But you now bring it more to light.

    I hope only good results come from your exhaustive effort. And thanks to Zeke Smith and to your family for standing by you. We now have more weight to throw behind ourselves when standing before those who would diminish us and take all that is rightfully ours. Much gratitude, Henry. Much gratitude and respect.


  3. Excellent Henry, and I hope and pray it works in your favor. Having tried something similar in 1993 (it wasn’t Mandamus…I don’t remember what it was called pertaining to a traffic ticket and failure to appear), it didn’t work but after two days in jail (and wanting to, among other things, nurse my 8-month-old daughter) I got out on Habeas Corpus. And another thing…I’ll never trust an insurance company again. If push comes to shove, any serious medical treatment I need will get done in Mexico. I hate the US “health care” system…my paramedic husband is the ONLY health care professional I trust!

    1. Sorry Katie, I could have expressed that more clearly. I was just referring to Zeke’s part in all this, inadvertently, not that he was standing with Henry. Should have clarified better and not have stuck it in with thanking Henry’s family. This is not easy for me to break down, but on we go.


      1. Zeke Smith is Kate Brown’s, you know that woman(?) impersonating the Governor of Oregon, appointee for Chair of Oregon Health Authority.
        I’ve often talked of our authority to yank them from their government capacity into the common law court. They have removed the courts, they cannot remove our authority to demand obedience for the law for the Bill of Rights as ratified, because the 9th Article forbids it.
        If we had our common law courts, which have been removed, I would yank old Zeke Smith into one and charge him with sedition and violation of the Bill of Rights and supporting an alternate form of government which can’t exist.
        I, as an American national, absolutely have the authority to order anyone to obey the law when their disobedience is affecting me. That person is bound to obey the lawful order, even when he is at work.
        You see, I kept it all in the common law and Kate Brown and company are not going to like it. They will either acquiesce to the law and to my authority, which is absolute within that law, or they will continue to commit the violations after being lawfully informed of the violations.
        Or, maybe they will have me ambushed and murdered, like they did Lavoy Finicum.
        Either way, the record has been made. When this war which has already started is concluded, they will be tried for their crimes. The truth has been unleashed and it can’t be stopped. We outnumber our oppressors thousands to one. They just cannot believe they have completely lost the ability to con us. Their lust for power is like drugs to them, they couldn’t stop if they wanted to and in the end will destroy themselves.
        A point to be made. Through illegal jurisdiction and contracting, they pretend to have removed our authority to arrest and prosecute. What this unlawful legislation from this unlawful organization is attempting to do now, is remove our individual authority to contract for ourselves. In the common law, only the individual or the sheriff or constable, via the individual’s authority, has the power of arrest. In the common law, only the individual can contract for the individual. This is the difference between a living being and a piece of corporate property.

        1. How clearly this lays it out, Henry. Should be on everyone’s lips:

          “I, as an American national, absolutely have the authority to order anyone to obey the law when their disobedience is affecting me.”

          And you are right about them not being able to believe they can no longer con us. That bit on no criticism of Israel is proof they’re runnin’ scared.

          We are LIONS!!


  4. Henry, will you please clarify “estate?” Is “estate” correlated to the deprivation of compensation for the use of resources which has resulted in theft?

    6. Affiant states that affiant is aware that affiant’s estate as an American national is seized without the due process for the common law by the unlawful corporate entities for the United States, incorporated, occupying the people’s offices of power, as established under the Constitution for the united States of the Americas, ratified December 15, 1791.

    10. For many years now affiant is denied affiant’s cardiologist as affiant’s primary care physician by the contracted insurance company taking the money removed from affiant’s estate as an American national without the due process of the law.

    5. Affiant demands that in partial redress for the theft of affiant’s resources and illegal contracting committed without affiant’s authorization, that affiant be issued an open medical card for the rest of affiant’s life.

    #5- Since you are representing yourself in your established authoritative capacity, you have also set forth the demands for being compensated. If this was taking place within the common law trial by jury, would the jury have to unanimously agree to the compensation?

    Also, your demand in partial redress which is an open medical card for the rest of your life is evidently clear of the fairness of the consequences fitting the crime as well as staying within the perimeters of the subject at hand.

    Seems like the charges for violation of the Bill of Rights, treason, illegal contracting, unlawful corporate entities, presumption of an illegal jurisdiction, etc.., could warrant a greater demand.

    What I’m trying to express here is that the individual has the authority to set the demands for redress, correct?

    1. My estate is my inheritance of my portion of the wealth of this nation, which was stolen at my birth through illegal contracting, killing me as a human being and creating a certificate with a dead man’s name on it, representing my estate, which the unlawful federal corporate government seized along with the wealth it represents.

      1. Hi Henry, I think I might be speaking for many who might read the Writs of Mandamus. Most of us were so BLIND to how we have been bamboozled and fell into the Social Security as our income TRAP. My thoughts are people might be afraid to file and follow through due to SS being yanked from them. Therefore starve and no housing. Thoughts from anybody on this would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, Thank you for all you do. I truly am doing my part in trying to direct people to your site and your daily podcast. I have your site written on my back car window with window chalk. Lots of people approach to discuss.

  5. Thank you Henry. Your comprehension of such matters boggles my little brain. You are a champion for those of us who just don’t have the capacity to grasp these things.
    By their deeds, you know they don’t want you around. You are a danger to them.

  6. Can someone please do a short explanation of this, what does it mean?
    For us lacking in constitutional education. Please?

      1. I’m pretty knowledgeable about a broad range of things. This valuable information you store in your brain is not in my knowledge “wheelhouse”. At all. Your website and these explanations are my go to, to refresh my memory about common law and other related things that I just can’t seem to retain. So you are my personal source for a reference. I had never heard of a Writ of Mandamus. It was like learning another language for me to even get the gist of it. I’m still trying know these things well enough in my memory for the time they will become very useful. About a year or two ago, a story I wasn’t paying attention to on the car radio mentioned the Writ of Mandamus was going to be used in a legal case by a lawyer. I was stunned to hear that coming out of my car radio. If not for you I would have had no clue what they were talking about. Thanks for the information you provide and your Encylopedic knowledge of these important topics that help all of us see the world in a much more clear, proper and moral manner.

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