George Soros is probably one of the most dangerous human beings on the planet. He has brought down economies and has caused his share of revolutions, and now has his sights on the United States of America. George Soros’s plan is to help achieve a “New World Order” or “NWO”. His power has touched over 60 countries using his “Open Society Institute” which is said to spend some $600 million per year to advance his agenda.

The International Banksters are the other side to this coin. They want the same things, but are just more quite about it. Their goals are for a “One World Currency” and a “New World Order”.

George Soros’ agenda include European style socialism, population control, and the famous “Green Agenda” which has generated much corruption around the world starting with the “Global Warming” myth. The “Carbon Credit” fraud is all part of this garbage as well. He recruited Al Gore into this fraud in which big Al Gore generated millions for himself, cheating and conning anybody that would listen.

George Soros’ “Big Brother” one world government, will undoubtedly ruin the United States of America by completely bypassing the United States Constitution; killing any chance of remaining under the freedoms that our original forefathers fought for.

The Banking Elite and George Soros are both members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission also known as the Bilderberg Group. Two organizations scheming to manufacture the “One World Order”, the “One World Government” and the “One World Currency”.

Currently, Soros is trying to figure out how to achieve “an orderly decline” of the US dollar, important to introducing a “New World Currency” the important step for the “ New World Order”.

I suggest that all Patriotic Americans, who believe in the Constitution of the United States, and want to remain under the articles that are forefathers fought for some 235 years ago, study up on George Soros, and understand how dangerous this man really is, and how his ties to the International Banksters correlate with each other. You will start to understand the evil that America is up against.

The only way to beat this scourge is to fight and I mean the kind of fight that our forefathers had to do to achieve our freedoms, the only kind of fight that our enemy’s will understand. We must stand together or we are finished.

18 thoughts on “George Soros – Bringing Down America

  1. We all wonder how this man came to be without anyone recognizing what he was doing. How did he manage to get under the radar of our congressmen and american leaders ?

    1. UNDER the radar??? He didn’t get under the radar, he bought them off, plain and simple. These “leaders” you speak of are and have been for sale to the highest bidder from the moment they were encouraged to run for office. It’s all quite simple really; you accept the help (i.e. money) from these people to get elected. Once there, you owe your loyalty to the people who put you there. It builds from there, every time you help them, they come back for something more. If you decide that you aren’t going to help them anymore, you’re turned out of office and some other schmuck wins the next election. This is why all politicians cannot be trusted. They have all been bought to some extent, and it matters not whether they are running under the Republican or Democrat heading, they are all crooks and they have already agreed to sell us out by the time we even hear about them preparing to run for office. This applies equally in all levels of government, local, state, and federal. If you don’t know this you are incredibly naive. Welcome to the real world of American politics.




    1. I read that his parents, Jews, were sent to a concentration camp. Little George was taken under the wing of a Nazi commander & raised as his son. And, yes, he did help kill his own people and learned well under “his father”. He said that his goal was to make money. He wasn’t concerned about the misery that he caused!

      1. When you say “nazi”, you do realize it’s ashke-NAZI NAtional ZIonist you’re referring to? There was NEVER any systematic plan to rid the world of the zio-joo plague and hitler was put into place BY them to crush the German people for outing them under the jooish weimar regime? ah was what is called a “judas goat” and he effectively led the German people to their demise. I am absolutely NO fan of natsoc/nazis but the term has been so convoluted by simon/schuster and every other joo hollyweird media organization no one even knows what the words or their origins ever were. The misery he caused were robbing them of their wealth but ultimately giving them a false stolen nation and a stronghold in OUR Republic. WE, among many others, are the victims, not those filthy khazarian charlatans that should NEVER be considered “victims”.

  3. I bet he isn’t even Jewish and isn’t a billionaire. He is probably a Russian spy whose money comes from Russia.

    1. Oh, here is somebody, who just can not stand white people. Russians, Russians, Russians….That is where the Antifa and BLM comes from! White Privilege, huh? Sorry. Just look how so called White Privilege works say in Canada. Today there is no white girl or boy, who gets a job not even in Wal-Mart. And still you hear nothing else on CBC “Oh I was abused, called bad names blah-blah-blah, which is not true for these white people so scared to say a word against millions of black, Asian, Indian, Middle-Eastern people brought in into the country under Trudeau that even the rest of poorly-paid dirty jobs would be taken from them. Of course, there is elite white-looking scum, who works against the so-called “White Privileged” to take away what they have left and give it to “less privileged” who have the jobs and all of goodies and still they scream: “The white privileged! The white privileged!” I tell you it is scary times to live in Canada. You will not see homeless in bad garments but only those those “white privileged”. Russians? And here I am daring to write this using Yandex, the Russian website for there is none of them that are safe to escape governmental scrutiny. Here is your Freedom and Demo-cracy! Looks like rather Demo-lition of our rights and freedom we have left.

  4. Why haven’t the good guys in the CIA could terminated him? Why not? They terminate lots of people so terminating him should be easy enough.
    If they do it then the media will ignore it, our national leaders will fabricate a story about how he expired, and all the usual disinformation will kick in. CIA guys know how to accomplish this and it would be a true service to humanity, IMHO.
    Just sayin’.

  5. Soros just gave $1 Million to the Obama re-election agenda & another $500,000 to 2 Congressional Super PACs.
    He wants to run the world via Obie & the United Nations & Agenda 21.

  6. Whatever this man does financially on the the opposite! He has billions to invest in his ultimate bring down US economy. He’s been quoted several times that his goal is to bring it down. Interesting he’s Obamas biggest contributor.. Hmmmm. He knows people are watching what he invests in and will follow. It’s like leading sheep to slaughter. Like taking candy from a bunch of babies that won’t stand up to their constitutional rights! At least, and the very least.. Ask for a kiss before you bend over!

  7. Soros made a major hit when he shorted the British money. it would be interesting if ties that the Federal Reserve helped him then, or since then, to fund his activities could be exposed.

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