The U.N since 1988 has been trying to re-distribute the “World’s Wealth” to the under developed countries by means of the “Global Warming Myth”. They have been trying to prove this garbage for 22 years.The attendance of the “16th Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change” this year in Cancun, Mexico will be down by two thirds as opposed to last years attendance at Copenhagen,Denmark. The U.N’s own scientists are starting to debunk this crapola that has been put forth to us by clowns such as Al Gore. Of course big Al has enriched himself by millions of dollars thru a scam called Carbon Credits. The U.N at last years conference at Copenhagen,Denmark had private chefs flown in serving champagne and caviar along with gourmet dishes to it’s guests.

The concept of this “Global Warming” scam was to enrich undeveloped countries by diverting wealth from the richest countries in the world, namely America. Leaders from 60 Nations will converge in Mexico to push a ” tax on world financial transactions, formally launching a massive program to bankrupt the middle class and enrich the coffers of global government”!

You can read more about this with the link provided below, but it’s starting to look more and more , like a way to take away America’s wealth and re-distribute to other parts of the world. More of the scientists that were “On Board” with this garbage are now backing off. You see the greedy bastards want to make us believe that the tax incurred by this will be redistributed,from the middle class of the Americans along with others, and In their own words, the globalists talk of their aim to “limit and redirect the aspirations for a better life of rising middle classes around the world,” in other words to reduce the standard of living for the middle class of Americans!

“Since Spain’s “fundamental transformation” of its economy over to a “green economy” has devastated the country, with unemployment hitting a crippling 20 per cent”

“Although climate change still gets a token mention in the call for a global tax, the justification of poverty has firmly overtaken it as the primary ruse via which globalists plan to conduct a massive transfer of wealth – not to poor nations – but to their own back pockets.”

The “REAL” reason for this scam is to enrich the Globalists pockets!

People, you never hear about these things unless you dig into the Internet. No way do the Globalists want us to understand what is really going on here. Global Warming is a crock of BS. A couple of volcanoes erupting can cause global warming folks!

Source: Prison Planet

By Mark Schumacher

13 thoughts on “The Global Warming Myth

  1. I would be curious to see the average unemployment percentages of countries that did NOT convert to green economies then compared to Spain’s rates.

      1. Today is 7/6/2022
        Watch what President Joe Biden is doing to we Americans to stop global warming, as if we can control it. He’s putting us all in the poor house. One does not disconnect one’s home from the faithful city water simply because we’re digging a well.

  2. I would be curious to see the average unemployment percentages of countries that did NOT convert to green economies then compared to Spain’s rates.

  3. This is all about the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21 to make our country part of a communist one world gov. Obama is pushing it fast & furiously!!! If he gets another 4 years we’re done as a sovereign nation. The excuse behind it is the environment. Cap & tax didn’t work. This started in 1992 at the Rio convention, Older Bush signed on & then Clinton did & started a sustainable development committee. Another Rio+20 coming up in June. A meeting in Chicago May 21 I think about global warming, keep an eye out for results.

  4. You and Ms. Fitch are RIGHT ON TOP OF THIS with your reference to Agenda 21. EVERYONE should see where their state senators stand on the U.N.-sponsored Law of the Seas Treaty (LOST) which, if ratified, would literally neuter our United States Navy!!! Ms. Clinton and the cabinet (including the Secretary of DEFENSE) Leonetta Panetta, ardently support this treaty. There are 20 Republicans who are ‘waverng’ on this vote…among them Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Olympia Snowe, Lisa Murkowski and John McCain who, (I am almost convinced) came out of Hanoi’s prison as a Manchurian Candidate. A harsh statement you ask? Look at his voting records and convince me otherwise. As a former naval aviator and combat POW, he should be adamantly against this t reaty!
    The United Nations’ sponsored Rio+20 conference just ended and the little “Greenies” are not very happy with the lack of TOTAL SUCCESS they had expected would occur within 5-7 years after Bush ’41 came back declaring those suspicious words “New World Order”! Fortunately for us…and frustrating for the Agenda 21ers, the United States “does not play well with others” when it comes to the possibility of coming under Global Governance with the communist-infested United Nations at the helm.
    Thank yu for your vigilance and diligence….I was born and I will die….A FREE AMERICAN!!!
    God Bless America for we are…..One Nation Under God!

  5. April 2009: Updates for the church of global warming – A look back to the year 2008
    Moose . . . Cows . . . And Kangaroos are in the news.

    Side Note about global warming, And A look back to the year 2008:

    To start off with there has been a lot of improvements on cleaning up the atmosphere.
    I used to run an18 Wheeler going into New York City and Brooklyn, 1971.

    The beginning of the 2000’s, I happened to go in the New York again; and found the skyline is much cleaner than it was back in 1971. . . .

    My comments here have to do with those who run off the deep end with some of the ideas they come up with . . . . Keep up the good work, and in your efforts, and do not forget that !!IN THE TRUE NEW WORLD ORDER!!, all these things will be corrected, for the operation of this planet and its total ecosystems is far beyond the capable of the humans to understand.

    • Things that hinder, such as people getting their palms painted green and I don’t mean with
    Rust–Oleum Paint either.

    • Two-part problem, the money is not available, or the technology is not available. Sometimes both.

    • And how many times, have van-trailers been stolen, then show up some time later loaded
    with refuge at the expense of someone else to get rid of? . . . And those that throw their trash
    along the road?

    • A radio was on, many years ago, I heard Russ Limbaugh referring to the global warming crowd,
    he said they are making a religion out of it . . . . So that’s how I came up with the term
    (C) The Church Of Global Warming.

    The late year 1969:
    Back then they were talking about they discovered holes in the ozone layer . . . . Now it is a year of the 70s, the next thing I hear they were trying to blame the holes in the ozone layer on a bunch of sheep in Bolivia. Considering this planet around 24 / 25,000 miles at the equator, and the ozone layer is about 7 miles above the planet, which is how many more miles around, what’s a few million sheep in Bolivia got to do with the upper atmosphere like that?

    Time marches on. The next thing I hear they were blaming it on the hog farms out West.

    Time marches on. Early 1974 they were talking about cows, the ozone layer and the problem.
    Time marches on, they were talking about doing a study on cows for methane gas, about late
    summer or fall. The results came in, at the cost of $300,000 back then they found out they
    studied the wrong end of the cows.

    Now my updates for the church of global warming begin:

    It was bad enough back in the year 1974 when they found out that they studied the
    wrong end of the Cows at the cost of $THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS$
    which makes a question as to where are their brains? (Maybe their brains are in the wrong end too.)

    Then about early fall of 2008 they were claiming the Moose are causing global warming..

    November of 2008, in the news: They found out that Kangaroos have a different
    kind of bacteria in their stomach than Cows do.

    So they, in their infinite wisdom in wanting to end global warming, want to take the bacteria
    out of the Kangaroo’s stomach and put it in the Cow’s stomach, since they found out that
    the bacteria in the Kangaroo’s stomach is different than the kind of bacteria in the Cow’s
    stomach and does not make as much methane gas.

    (QUESTION: Did you ever see Cows hopping through a field recently?)

    !! YES !! It is amazing how those humans show up some four billion years later
    according to “THEIR” standards telling God he doesn’t know what he is doing.

    If farmers had Cows that hop around like Kangaroos, milking time would be a REAL chore.

    • Where Will The Milk Be?.

    • On the floor?

    • In the bucket?

    • On the farmer?

    • OR maybe with all that hopping around you could
    have a choice of Butter OR Buttermilk.

    • Maybe have a milk shake, what Flavor do you want,
    malt, chocolate, vanilla or strawberry

    It is for sure the ideas they come up with are more laughable than
    the loony–tunes! ! ! Where are the people with the white suits,
    butterfly net, and straightjackets, when idiots like these show up?

    This is the kind of stuff, that would give a black eye to science.
    Also, there are those with their actions that instead of spelling
    ““science”” with letters like this.

    They spell the word ““SCIENCE”” with letters like this.

    What else can be said with this short script other than:


    Have a good laugh

    There is much more to this writing
    which I will place on a web page
    some time in the future.

  6. Um, not to be rude or anything, but the global climate IS changing, just not for the reasons the UN et al would like people to embrace. The fact is, this planet is a volatile place. It is far from stable, and is subject to various cycles and changes that would be occurring whether we were here or not. The evidence is to be found in the tree rings (the fossil record, mind), the ice cores, the geologic record….. all these things we are seeing, while being just the beginning, have happened before on Earth, and will again after we are gone. It’s part of what makes this place so darned exciting to live on!
    As far as Agenda 21 goes, just another example of the control and profit maximisation being exercised by the elites. Be of stout heart, though. They’ll get theirs soon enough.

    1. bone to pick with you and if i am rude its deliberate and intentional.Not to be rude in opening your statement is a deliberate and misleading virtue signalling tactic of an individual who knows that they are going to be rude and are pre-empting and proactively creating the false narrative of being the victim of anybody who takes any kind of negative reply to their statement and calls them out for any of their shit. Stating on a site such as this site blatantly obvious and old misleading and false narratives of the UN etc from the past known by ,debated evaluated hypertheticals expounded on by all of the people labelled as conspiracy nuts by MSM and the overlords and the sheep in a “your all stupid and im intellectually superior to all of you because i am going to state the blatantly obvious old narrative which you are all too stupid to have known this and im not” Also you are actually showing how ignorant you are in how you have hked the agenda 21 end goals and how it is now agenda 25-30 due to trump and us horrible nasty human cattle throwing multiple spanner in the works hehe point of fact agenda 21 was a population decrease plan of murdering every single useless eating human on the planet (minus the 500,000 useful idiots the decided they would allow to live )as toys for them to amuse themselves with. Just a wee bit more than profit and control by the elites being maximised. wouldnt you say so stop being a smug coont on this type of community site.It depicts you as a Troll A woke idiot or a psy op agent or all 3 and a very bad one at that. end of my deliberately rude and triggering critique of your insulting and obviously arrogant post Your not that smart and neither are any of the rest of the homo sapien species on this planet today correction your species is now normally called homo sapien sapien. Amusing that

  7. With so much money Al Gore has why doesn’t he actually SELL Energy Efficient homes? Think of all the REAL money Al Gore could make if he sold millions and millions of energy efficient homes.

    Ever heard of Angels Nest? They have a kit where you can build a dome house that is 100 percent off the grid but the cache is they are hippies and don’t believe in *Making money* so their project never really got past the beta stage.

    Several years ago they did have some demo models one in Las Vegas and another in Taos New Mexico where you can preview all the amazing technologies of these dome houses but they refuse to get help.

    Dad looked further into their background and found out they are retired Hollywood actors and are likely the smoke doping hippies that have good intentions but not the smarts to mass produce them.

    It sucks that Liberals and Conservatives are so divided against each other when in reality each side has good ideas but none of those ideas will work out if they keep right on fighting but then again BS seems to be what sells to people.

    Conservatives teach kids that the world is a harsh place where you can get shot or stabbed in the back forcing you to suppress you’re feelings and always be negative about the future *Hence all the griping on the internet* while Liberals use *Feel Good* tactics with no logic to support them so they ignore issues that need addressing like spending money out of control.

    It doesn’t matter if the program or social service is good or bad. If you don’t have the money you don’t have the money and if they keep raising taxes then neither will the public have the money. It just feeds a negative cycle. Rinse and spit.

    They are like two ends of the same creature but the two ends is all we the public see.

  8. Climate issues are coming from SPACE and effecting the entire solar system, it isn’t manmade. It’s x. – Whole Doc with Citations

    Climate Change HOAX exposed by Geologist straight to the UK Govt

  9. It is no longer being pushed as a temperature change because thats to easy to be shown to be a crock of bovine excrement and easily disproved as bollocks. Now they are using the more easily and misleading climate change. Also carbon emissions and carbon reduction is the brainchild of BP originally created to cover their polluting arses in regards to the very bad PR they had because of the bloody huge oil spill they had on the us coast. It was a deliberate and misleading campaign of gaslighting every human on the planet that they were the people to blame for the worlds pollution etc not BP and all the real pollution health destroying corporations.Because the corps were the good guys reducing carbon emissions to prevent climate catastrophic events to earth and Joe Bloggs having a heated shower longer than 3 minutes was the real villain (this is not satire it was one of their vile accusations used in their PR campaign). The facts of the matter are very sinister and evil in the extreme if their goals ended up being met. Biological fact 1 We actually need carbon dioxide to breathe it triggers your muscles and diaphragm to work (eg this is why you give someone hyperventilating a paper bag to breath in and out). 2 at current levels the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is last check 300 pps this is critically low for the vegetation to grow and needs to be at least 1200ppm for plants to not suffer or have to employ their desperate life saving self harming survival skills sacrificing water for increased carbon dioxide intake capability of the vegetation. Simply put Climate change and zero carbon emission is yet another vile genocidal goal of these evil agenda pushing monsters targeting every living thing on this planet. plants die- herbivores die- carnivores die-we die. Extinction level event in which humanity is being gaslight by the human hating overlords into crafting our own extinction and the killing of our planets current flora fauna and every part of the ecosystem reliant on either co2 or 02 to breathe

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