Conservative Talk Radio Show Host Rush Limbaugh Is No Friend When Times Are Tough!

Rush Limbaugh says on the air that “If your poor you shouldn’t be allowed to vote!”

We have a big problem here people and it needs our immediate attention. Posted below is audio of a new campaign by one of the “Nations Biggest Buffoon’s” Rush Limbaugh and it’s not pretty. He happens to have an audience in the multi-millions. He is carried by 600 stations. The piece of garbage needs to be dealt with. We can’t let this kind of trash be spewed out over the airwaves! Enough is enough!
Listen to the audio.

“Limbaugh’s living large while radio boss Clear Channel implodes”

People, while this 38 million dollar a year “Pre Madonna” is living in his 24,000 square foot mansion in Palm Beach Florida, his bosses at Clear Channel are scrambling to figure out how to keep paying his salary. This overweight “Heavy Weight” in the talk radio arena has taken his propaganda too far this time. His desperate measures have just insulted about 95 percent of the public. It looks like he is starting to feel the pressure by some of us.

By writing this article, I’m giving this overweight “Heavy Weight” airtime he doesn’t deserve, but these are tough times and this kind of crap has to be addressed!

“As The New York Times noted last week, “It is too soon to say who will be the biggest loser among media companies in this recession. But Clear Channel Communications is vying for the title.”

“Clear Channel’s fall from business grace remains epic in its proportions. In 10 years time the company has gone from dominating a flourishing radio industry to a corporation that now teeters on the brink. (Clear Channel stock traded for $90 a share in 2000. When the radio company went private last year, pre-crash, the stock was already down in the $30s.) Lots of over-extended, debt-ridden media conglomerates are struggling through today’s deep economic recession, but few face a future quite as perilous as the one staring back at the San Antonio radio giant.”

“And yet Clear Channel’s most famous employee, Rush Limbaugh, remains oblivious to it all. I sometimes wonder what Limbaugh thinks when he reads about the not-so-slow-motion collapse of his radio employer while lounging in his 24,000-square-foot Florida estate or motoring in his $450,000 car to the airport to ride in his $54 million jet. Does Limbaugh feel bad? Does he feel a little guilty? And does he ever think about giving some of his riches back so that thousands of radio colleagues wouldn’t have to be bounced to the curb? ”

“And I wonder what those pink-slipped Clear Channel employees — some of whom spent decades working for the company — think about Limbaugh as they’re ordered out the station door and onto “the beach.” (That’s radio-speak for unemployment.) ”  (Source: Media Matters)

Let’s all help getting this overweight “Heavyweight” off the air!

E-mail Clear Channel at the address below and voice your concerns:

By Mark Schumacher

15 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh

  1. Do yourselves a favor, dump the sow Limbough. Save yourselves, he’s an overpaid motormouth. Pretty soon you will be the type he hates “The Poor”.

  2. Do yourselves a favor, dump the sow Limbough. Save yourselves, he’s an overpaid motormouth. Pretty soon you will be the type he hates “The Poor”.

  3. He could care less what anyone thinks of him. He’s got a gig and does it well. Let the people decide! If you don’t like his drabble, don’t listen: it’s that easy.

  4. Blowhards like Limbaugh are provided for both the left and the right. Their assignment is to make sure people from the so-called “left” and so-called “right” never talk civilly to each other. If they do, the people at the top will be in trouble.

  5. The reason why Limbaugh believes that the poor shouldn’t be allowed to vote is because he has bought into the ridiculous myth that the poor will always vote to give themselves other people’s money. But the majority of poor people are not parasites, and he is a buffoon if he believes otherwise.

  6. It took me almost 3 hours to recognize Buckley as a phony “Conservative.” With that experience behind me it only took 5 minutes of Limbaugh. If you’re interested, you can find my take at the following url. It is born of 40 years of fighting our rulers and their talking heads of “left” and “right.” Scroll down about halfway to Antony Sutton’s take on the “left” vs. “right” dog and pony show. He explains it better than I ever could.

  7. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the so-called conservative radio hosts are walking a thin line to be able to stay on the air. They have to mouth the shallow “balanced” comments with those they make in opposition to the left or their advertisers and their bosses will pull them from the air-waves. I’m done yelling at the radio when I hear this kind of bunk. The “Bunkerville Siege” and the “Patriot Posse” made me a believer in internet radio and communication. Gary Franchy (spelling?) is probably right about a psy-op going on at the ranch I will be watching the internet to get my info rather than lamestream media and the good ‘ole boys of radio.

  8. Neither the talking heads of the so-called “right” nor those of the so-called “left” are there to disseminate real information. They are there to keep us fighting among ourselves, often over non-issues, instead of fighting our common enemies at the top.

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