Twenty years ago when members of the patriot community spoke of a privately owned foreign bank called the Federal Reserve or an emerging one world order they were ridiculed and called conspiracy theorists.  Today, the majority of people everywhere are very aware of the fact of the private Federal Reserve and the one world order.  The theory became reality through the exposure of documented facts acquired from sources around the world.

Thus this site is intent on uncovering more documented facts to bring to light that which the common man or woman is not meant to see.  We are in a war for nothing less than our right to individual thought.  We will be reporting on that war From the Trenches.

For those who have swallowed the red pill and are enlightened to the dire straits we find ourselves in these days, this site is meant to organize rallies and any other events designed to reclaim the Republic and our rights.

If it is your desire to use this site to organize an event please send an email and we will put up a page in order that you might come together with the people in your state and county who will stand with you and perpetuate your event to its logical conclusion.

We here at From the Trenches World Report are not terrorists.  We seek peaceful resolution in every instance.  To say that the possibility of violence does not exist in the reinstitution of the Republic and the Constitution would be naive.  To protect this site we must request that all commenters refrain from openly calling for violence.  We all know what is going on and we can progress without cutting off our nose to spite our face.  Any comments coming in to this site advocating shooting people or terrorist acts will be edited or removed.

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