Is the 24 hour 7 day a week cable news networks our enemy?

You bet they are! As I find myself watching this back and forth from the idiotic cable news outlets and asking myself, why am I watching this garbage? All it is really doing is enabling these phony baloney wanna be celebrity’s to say things to try and make them more popular and cash in! by way of book deals, higher salaries, etc. These cable news networks need to be bombarded by real people on main street and told start to reporting the news in a manner which is completely neutral and unbiased. All the Fox news anchors are concerned about is how popular they are. They are scarred to death that they will slip in the ratings and possibly get fired!

This is the case for 95% of all news anchors. How popular am I? and how much money can I make?

These “News Celebrity’s” are making matters worse by dividing us instead of bringing us closer together. In times such this, there needs to be more real reporting. Like maybe showing more information on how America pulled through when times were bad in the early twenties during the depression. For starters, focusing in on how two of the greatest Presidents took control. The two that come to mind are Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt. These were two great men who had great Ideas and managed to get the public through those bad times. All we have now is a President who is utterly confused and trying to make the whole world happy and leaving the really important group of people in the dust- “The Middle Class Of America”!

The cable news networks are fighting amongst themselves to see who can hire the prettiest bimbos who look the best on the set, instead of hiring real news people. All these idiot reporters are doing is trying to keep their jobs and only spouting garbage written by some unqualified writer somewhere that will only divide and contribute to the problem. There is no real reporting anymore. No reporting on history, only reporting on the present which is getting us nowhere.

The news outlets are the enemy and are not furthering our cause. The news media and the reporters are all millionaires for the most part, at worst considered wealthy. Totally biased in their reporting. No representation from a real Joe the plumber, Mark the truck driver, Shelly the receptionist etc. In my opinion, we should boycott by shutting off the TVs for a month and show our dissatisfaction on how all they’re doing is making celebrity’s out of people who are expert at dividing us instead of trying to help the cause.

Get rid of the soft porn on these news sets. Lengthen the damn skirts and get rid of the heels, get back to some real news reporting and quit catering to the wealthiest of the public and reach out to the other 98% percent who make this country work!

Go back to the type of news reporting we had 40 years ago and make it respectable again. This will go a long way in helping our economy and our Nation as a whole.

New development!

FCC Commissioner Tells BBC: “American Media Has A Bad Case Of Substance Abuse”

Looks like the FCC Commissioner agrees with common sense! Soon after the writing of this article Michael J. Copps of the FCC had his own ideas of lousy American press.

Copps, who spoke at the Columbia University School of Journalism suggests:

“Government control may be the answer to ensure that American citizens have access to news and information. Copps says for years, a lack of “oversight of the media” has resulted in an era with nonstop cable news–but, in his belief, far less actual news being covered–less news now than we had access to five years ago:

“It’s a pretty serious situation that we’re in. I think American media has a bad case of substance abuse right now. We are not producing the body of news and information that democracy needs to conduct its civic dialogue, we’re not producing as much news as we did five years, 10 years, 15 years ago and we have to reverse that trend or I think we are going to be pretty close to denying our citizens the essential news and information that they need to have in order to make intelligent decisions about the future direction of their country.”

The only thing I’m concerned about here, is the part where Cobbs suggests Government intervention. But, I think that if we e-mail our concerns about these “Vaudeville” cable news networks that are obviously biased, we might be able to get some real “Ear” that matters!

See Interview posted below:

By Mark Schumacher

9 thoughts on “Cable News Propagandists

  1. The government has just handed us their answer. They have authorized the use of propaganda as a tool of US statecraft. Along with armed drones flying over US soil, the news is pretty clear. Citizens who believe in the Constitution are wearing targets for t-shirts.

  2. good article but roosevelt wasn’t the great prez that so many people think he was.
    he knew pearl harbor was going to be attacked and let it happen without telling anyone among other things.
    he was just another banker puppet

      1. Well it’s an old f-king article, didn’t you read the date? What, are you trying to throw some kind of slur out there, bitch?
        How about this one, f-k off.

  3. “It’s a pretty serious situation that we’re in. I think American media has a bad case of substance abuse right now. We are not producing the body of news and information that democracy needs to conduct its civic dialogue”

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