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  1. I live in Eugene or and like many others saw a train loaded with military equipment riding thru town. I have looked all over the internet and can’t find anything about it except for here but I can’t seem to view the article that was written or the YouTube video that was attached to the page. Just very curious and can’t let it go, does anyone have what they think to be an explanation??

  2. i would like the recepie for the detox mix using things like garilc sea sault mure gum power 80 proff vodka 80000 btu cynan curry power wayeroz ionic silver makes 3 gallon. i heard about it from mark korenke on the micro effect on sept 10 2014. he read the info very fast. takes 14 days to mature.

  3. Looking for teslas power source posted on here with a bunch on survival PDF files. The directional book was supplied by university students who had built it with great success.

    Thank u

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