A Little Help, Please

As those around us attempt to use their wealth to move the patriot community away from individuality under individual right to the Masonic dirty church cabal collective seeking to be reinstated as our owners, it has come to the point where the Trenches stands alone for the Bill of Rights and true individual freedom and liberty.

I have said since the beginning of this, it is our numbers verses their wealth accumulated through compromise.    Continue reading

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Trencher Alert: Please pray for Darzak.

Update 6: Ecmo machine removed today. Praise the Lord! Numbers are down. Still on ventilator and heart pump. Still in medically induced coma. He looks better than he did yesterday.

God is so good! I love all of you! Jill   Continue reading

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Cops Mistook Man for Escaped Convict So They Murdered Him and Called It ‘Reasonable’

Free Thought Project – by Rachel Blevins

Denver, CO – A man was shot and killed by police officers who opened fire on a moving vehicle because they believed it was being driven by a dangerous jail escapee they were attempting to capture.

Steven Nguyen, 27, was killed and Rafael Landeros, 23, was wounded after three Denver police officers began chasing the car they were driving and eventually fired several rounds into the vehicle after they claimed the men were not following orders and appeared to be searching for something in the car when they were ordered to show their hands.   Continue reading

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The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know

Global Research – by James F Tracy

This article  by Professor James Tracy first published in August 2015 is of particular relevance in relation to the “fake news” campaign directed against the alternative and independent media.

In a bitter irony, the media coverup of  the CIA’s covert support to Al Qaeda and the ISIS is instrumented by the CIA which also oversees the mainstream media.   Continue reading

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David Hogg’s March For Our Lives Speech

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Family of Murdered Parkland Student NOT ALLOWED TO SPEAK at DC #MarchForOurLives Rally — They Aren’t Anti-Gun

Gateway Pundit – by Cassandra Fairbanks

The family of slain Parkland student Meadow Pollack was disinvited from speaking at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, DC. The family is not pushing gun control, but rather securing our schools and protecting our children.   Continue reading

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Trump To Expel “Dozens Of Russian Diplomats” In Response To Skripal Poisoning

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

On Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron and German leader Angela Merkel said that following a meeting of the European Council, that UK PM Theresa May had shared “proof” of Russia’s involvement in the assassination attempt against former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, “convincing” the two leaders that Russia was behind the attack. And yet, despite the “convincing” evidence, no “proof” has yet been publicly disclosed. Furthermore, even as all leaders said they are in agreement that Russia was “the only reasonable culprit”, the EC opted not to take any immediate action against Moscow, except issue a harshly worded statement.  Continue reading

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Unarmed man with pants down fatally shot by Harris County deputy


Video obtained by the Houston Chronicle captures the killing of an apparently unarmed man who was shot by a Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy in the Greater Greenspoint area Thursday.

The Houston Police Department confirmed Friday that Danny Ray Thomas, 34, died after the deputy — who has not been named — fired one shot at him around 1 p.m. in the 17600 block of Imperial Valley Road.   Continue reading

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The Waco Lie

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Bill Cooper Warned about Deep State 20 YEARS AGO

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Anti-Gun Media Campaign Backfires..Instead Drives Up NRA Membership

Ammoland – by Rob Morse

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- The media missed again. We saw a coordinated media campaign thrown against legal gun owners immediately after the horrible murders at the school in Parkland, Florida.

That campaign wasn’t spontaneous.   Continue reading

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Zionist John Bolton Is An Israeli Double Agent – News Compilation

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The Spending Bill

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Mutiny On Greyhound Bus To Dallas As Driver Was Falling Asleep


DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A passenger mutiny onboard a Greyhound bus bound for Dallas forced a driver out from behind the wheel.

Terrified passengers say that driver was falling asleep and it led to a confrontation caught on video.

CBS11 spoke with three passengers who were on the bus that arrived in Dallas seven hours late from Phoenix.   Continue reading

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After Increasing Nat’l Debt a TRILLION in 6 Months, US Gov’t Just Gave Themselves a Massive Raise

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Washington, D.C. — This week, the US Congress passed the massive 1.3 trillion-dollar Omnibus spending bill. Then, early Friday morning, the Senate did the same thing. None of these politicians in Washington likely had any time to read it because the 2,200-page legislation was given to them only hours before they voted on it. Continue reading

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Justice Department to ban bump stocks


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Justice Department is proposing rule changes that will effectively ban bump stocks, devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire like a machine gun, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Friday.

“After the senseless attack in Las Vegas, this proposed rule is a critical step in our effort to reduce the threat of gun violence that is in keeping with the Constitution and the laws passed by Congress,” Sessions said in a statement.   Continue reading

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Data is the New Oil

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Robert Kraft Provides Patriots Plane For Parkland, Fla., Students, Families

Sports Illustrated

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft provided the team’s plane to fly the families of the 17 victims and other injured students of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting to Washington D.C., the team’s spokesperson said.

The students and thousands of others are expected to participate in the “March for Our Lives” rally against gun violence on Saturday.  Continue reading

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#MarchForOurLives: Leaked Audio Confirms Broward Teachers Plan To Storm DC Without Permits & Parkland Students Given Scripted Anti-Second Amendment Talking Points

Sons of Liberty Media

And you won’t hear about this in the mainstream media, I can guarantee you that!  Investigative journalist Laura Loomer was provided an audio recording of a meeting that occurred on Tuesday between students from Parkland, Florida and anti-Second Amendment activists as they told exactly what they planned to do this weekend during #MarchForOurLives.   Continue reading

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Deep neocon connections to pro-Trump alternative media shills

The World Needs This Man – by Jon

Through my years of experience with the alternative media I believe I have become pretty good at detecting bullsh!t.

During the Trump campaign I found myself at my wits end seeing and listening to endless drivel about how Donald Trump was anti-establishment and fighting the neo-con establishment from the likes of Alex Jones, Jeff Rense and all of the alt-right talking heads that seemed to appear out of nowhere. All of these people were (and many still are) spewing the same narrative like they were taking direction from a think tank. (More on that later.)   Continue reading

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Snowflake logic

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