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Has There Been A “Nuclear Incident” In The Arctic?

The Drive – by Tyler Rogoway

There have been rumblings regarding some sort of nuclear incident—or possibly incidents—in the Arctic over the last month. Multiple reports, some of them from official monitoring organizations, have reported iodine 131—a radioactive isotope often associated with nuclear fission—has been detected via air sampling stations throughout the region.

The first detection of the isotope came during the second week of January, via an air sampling station located in Svanhovd, on Norway’s border with Russia’s Kola Peninsula. Within days, air sampling stations as far south as Spain also detected the presence of small amounts of the isotope. The fact that iodine-131 has a half-life of just eight days would point to the release occurring just days earlier, and not being a remnant of a past nuclear event.

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Yosemite ‘firefall’ illuminates waterfall to glow like lava


The incredible Yosemite ‘firefall’ phenomenon has struck again, and with astounding results. The anomaly takes place once a year in February, but isn’t guaranteed every year as it needs exactly the right conditions to fall into place first.   Continue reading

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The Deep State’s Dramatic Emergence Is Proof Our Elections Mean Nothing

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The Word From the Trenches – February 20, 2017

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Archive: TWFTT 2-20-17

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Five Days After Protesters Occupied Malheur Wildlife Refuge, Candidate Trump Condemned The Bureau of Land Management & ‘Near-Dictatorial Executive Power.’ Now He Is Prosecuting Those Very Patriots

Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill

Just nineteen days before LaVoy Finicum was killed in cold blood by the FBI on a snowy Oregon roadside as he attempted to surrender, candidate Donald Trump criticized the “near-dictatorial power” of the President and the executive branch and the “draconian rule of the Bureau of Land Management.”

Nevada ranchers Ryan and Ammon Bunday, along with an assortment of supporters, decided to take a stand and in a peaceful act of civil disobedience, occupied the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Their protest gained international and nearly 24-7 media coverage.   Continue reading

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How to be a Peaceful Person in a Hostile World

The Organic Prepper

It’s the hottest day of the summer so far. The mercury is way up there, and all you want to do is stay in your nice air-conditioned home until it cools off after dark. But alas, you have a life, and you have to go outside. The second you open your door, the heat blasts you so hard it feels like a physical blow.

That’s exactly what it’s like online right now, no matter where your politics lie.   Continue reading

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Possible norovirus outbreak hits Chico emergency shelter

SacBee – by Philip Reese

Butte County officials are investigating a possible norovirus outbreak at a Red Cross emergency shelter in Chico.

About 20 people at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico have exhibited symptoms consistent with norovirus, including five Red Cross workers, said Butte County spokeswoman Casey Hatcher. The Red Cross workers have been taken to local hotels. The ill residents have been isolated from others at the shelter.   Continue reading

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Day Without Immigrants: ‘More than 100 workers’ fired over strike


Dozens of people, including construction workers and restaurant staff, reported being fired after staying at home on Thursday.

The protest aimed to highlight the contribution of immigrants in the US.

One employer told CNN his staff would have to “pay the price” of standing up for what they believed in.   Continue reading

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British parliament debates Trump visit

Washington Post – by Karla Adam

British lawmakers on Monday kicked off a debate on whether to withdraw an invitation to President Trump for a state visit — ­an offer that had been extended by the British prime minister with un­precedented speed.

The debate, held in Parliament’s Westminster Hall, was triggered after a petitioncalling on the British government to cancel the state visit amassed more than 1.8 million signatures. A counter-petition urging the government to support the visit, signed by 300,000, was also being debated.   Continue reading

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Oroville Dam Workers Fired for Posting Spillway Photos to Social Media

Fox 40

OROVILLE — Five Oroville Dam workers were fired for posting spillway photographs to social media.

A spokesperson for the California Department of Water Resources told KRON that a number of employees working under the Folsom contracting company Syblon Reid violated the terms of their contract by posting the pictures.   Continue reading

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ICE: 950,000 illegals with ‘removal orders’ free, raids get just a sliver

Washington Examiner – by Paul Bedard

Despite media reports of a massive crackdown by President Trump on illegal immigrants, just a tiny percentage of the nearly 1 million on the government’s deportation list have been arrested, according to statistics provided to Congress.

The 680 seized in recent sweeps by U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement agents represent just .07 percent of the 950,062 with deportation orders as of May 21, 2016.   Continue reading

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101 Black Seed Oil Benefits to Consider While Undergoing Life’s Wear & Tear

Diamond Herbs – by Brendon Wade

When ancient Egyptian kings, European queens, religious prophets and modern scientist come together on an issue, it’s probably worth hearing out. Although today we have more access to information than ever before, we still have a lot to learn from history.

From Hippocrates and Cleopatra, to King Tut and the civilizations that followed, a strange commonality they shared was the value they placed on a certain herb.   Continue reading

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Southern California Flash Floods

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Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos triggers social media backlash after ‘defending’ pedophilia


Far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos has sparked outrage on social media after apparently “defending” pedophilia.

The British Breitbart news editor has been accused of “defending child abuse” after saying “we get hung up” on it.

“We get hung up on this sort of child abuse stuff to the point where we are heavily policing consensual adults,” said Yiannopoulos.   Continue reading

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Vice President Mike Pence Vows U.S. Support For European Union

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: Now I thought we were going to look out for America only? What is this talk about supporting the European Union? It is globalist talk, not America first talk. Raise your hand if you are surprised.

Vice President Mike Pence said Monday that the U.S. commitment to the European Union was “steadfast and enduring,” seeking to reassure European leaders anxious about Washington’s direction under the new administration.   Continue reading

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Household Debt Climbs To $12.58 Trillion, Just Shy Of Its 2008 Peak

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: Yes, 2007-2008 was the time when the world collapsed and the bankers “saved us”. Do not let this little bit of truth about near record debt get you down, after all “Americans Are Brimming With Optimism On The Economy“.
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The Shadow Government

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‘We’re not here to seize oil’: US defense secretary arrives in Baghdad on unannounced visit


US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has arrived in Baghdad on an unannounced visit, reportedly for discussions on defeating the Islamic State terrorist group. He said earlier on Monday that the US military is not in Iraq “to seize anybody’s oil.”

I think all of us here in this room, all of us in America, have generally paid for our gas and oil all along and I’m sure that we will continue to do so in the future,” Mattis told a small group of reporters traveling with him, while discussing his top objectives for the trip, Reuters reports.    Continue reading

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Blind cleric behind 1990s terror plots dies in US prison


Omar Abdel-Rahman, the so-called Blind Sheik convicted of plotting terror attacks in New York City in the decade before 9/11 and spiritual guide to a generation of Islamic militants, has died in a federal prison. He was 78.

Abdel-Rahman, who had diabetes and coronary artery disease, died Saturday at the Federal Correction Complex in Butner, North Carolina, said its acting executive assistant, Kenneth McKoy. The inmate spent seven years at the prison medical facility while serving a life sentence.   Continue reading

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Known for political temperance, Iowa moves sharply right


DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — After decades as the crossroads of prairie populists and checkbook conservatives, Iowa has suddenly become solidly Republican like many of its Midwestern neighbors. It was one of four states — along with Kentucky, Missouri and New Hampshire — that flipped to complete GOP control in the November election, but Iowa’s rush of new legislation has been the most intense.

In an all-night session last week, Iowa lawmakers approved a bill similar to one enacted in Wisconsin six years ago that strips most public sector unions of long-held collective bargaining rights, including health insurance.   Continue reading

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