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“National Emergency: A state of national crisis; a situation demanding immediate and extraordinary national or federal action” Black’s Law Dictionary

“I think of all the damnable heresies that have ever been suggested in connection with the Constitution, the doctrine of emergency is the worst. It means that when Congress declares an emergency, there is no Constitution… for when this bill becomes a law, …there is no longer any workable Constitution to keep the Congress within the limits of its Constitutional powers.” -Spoken by Congressman Beck in 1933 prior to the passage of the Farm Bill.

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Judge to allow Ammon Bundy to testify in second refuge takeover trial

Las Vegas Sun – by Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian

U.S. District Judge Anna J. Brown said Friday she’ll work to ensure the transfer of Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne from Nevada to testify at next month’s trial of seven defendants charged in the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

“I’m convinced it would be error for the court not to facilitate them as witnesses,” the judge said.

But Brown wants both Bundy and Payne, who face federal prosecution in Nevada this spring, to personally consent to their brief transfer. She also wants their assurances that they won’t argue that the move will hurt their ability to prepare for their upcoming trial in Nevada.   Continue reading

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Palestinians burn Donald Trump pictures in Bethlehem Because of his support to Israel

PNN – by Munjed Jadou

A group of Palestinian activist in the city of Bethlehem in the west bank burned Friday 20/1/2017 pictures of the new US President Donald Trump in the first day of taking office because of his support to Israel especially his promises, to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which it has not implemented by any previous US administration.

The Palestinian activist Gathered at the northern entrance of Bethlehem city, where the apartheid wall which surrounded the Christian holy city to remained Trump and show him how much are the Palestinian people are suffering under the Israeli occupations as they said.
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From The Trenches Radio January 20, 2017

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Be Divergent

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Finance Experts Warn, Economic Meltdown : Global financial collapse is Imminent

Prepper Fortress – by Amy S.

Finance Experts Warn

THE world is staring at a catastrophic economic meltdown – and the devastating collapse is IMMINENT, financial analysts have warned.

2017 has only just begun but economists are fearing this is the year of a massive global recession.It’ll be worse than the crash of 2008 – and could even surpass the Great Depression of the late 1920s and 30s.China’s economy is in turmoil and shows little sign of improving.America’s stock markets got off to their worst ever start of a year.   Continue reading

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Ivanka Trump Gets Rabbi’s Permission to Ride in Car on Shabbat for Inauguration

The Jerusalem Post

Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have received rabbinic permission to travel by car on Friday evening following the inauguration of her father, Donald Trump, as the next president of the United States, according to a Kol Barama radio interview with Mark Zell, the chair of the Republican party in Israel.

Traditionally, traveling in a car on Friday evening or Saturday is a violation of the Jewish Sabbath. Jared Kushner is Jewish, and Ivanka converted to Judaism. In a November Jerusalem Post piece, Shira Schmid noted that Ivanka “took on observance of Shabbat, holidays and kashrut, and adopted the Hebrew name Yael.”
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Army Picks Sig Sauer’s P320 Handgun to Replace M9 Service Pistol – by Matthew Cox and Hope Hodge Seck

LAS VEGAS — The U.S. Army on Thursday awarded Sig Sauer a contract worth $580 million to make the next service pistol based on the company’s P320 handgun.

Sig Sauer beat out Glock Inc., FN America and Beretta USA, the maker of the current M9 9mm service pistol, in the competition for the Modular Handgun System, or MHS, program.   Continue reading

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Paper Arrows


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Trump signs ObamaCare executive order

The Hill

President Trump on Friday signed an executive order directing federal agencies to “ease the burden of ObamaCare.”

Trump signed the order in front of reporters at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, one of his first official acts as president.

The order did not direct any specific actions, but instead gave broad authority to the Department of Health and Human Services and other agencies to take actions available to them under the law to ease regulatory requirements from ObamaCare.     Continue reading

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What is Obama doing with his hands?

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The Word From the Trenches – January 20, 2017

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‘This was an execution’: New videos show California police shooting mentally ill men


Newly-released video footage of separate police shootings in California show officers escalating encounters with mentally ill men before firing on them. One man was unarmed while the other, who was killed, may have had a small knife.

On Wednesday, the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office released officer body camera footage of a shooting incident on January 6 involving the San Francisco Police Department. The shooting put Sean Moore, a black man diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, in the hospital. In Fontana, California, the family of James Hall, a legally blind man with schizoaffective disorder, released surveillance footage showing several Fontana police officers cornering Hall at a convenience store in November 2015 before shooting him dead.   Continue reading

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State Bill to Mandate Children to Receive Every Vaccine — Citizens Fighting Back

Free Thought Project – by Jack Burns

Oklahoma State senator and physician, Ervin Yen won’t give up his personal vendetta to force all Oklahomans to vaccinate their children. For the third year in a row, Yen has introduced a bill requiring all children in the state to be vaccinated, with the only exception being children who already have a serious medical condition.   Continue reading

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Smart Dust – The Future of Involuntary Treatment of the Public

Waking Times – by Pedro Aquila

Smart dust is a name given to extremely small computing particles, RFID chips, or other very small technologies.

A popular article from Extreme Tech describes it in the headline: “Smart dust: A complete computer that’s smaller than a grain of sand.” An article from War is Boring is titled “Future Military Sensors Could Be Tiny Specks of ‘Smart Dust’ New technologies allow for extremely small—and ubiquitous—military sensors.” A paper from University of California, San Diego describes smart dust:   Continue reading

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How To Predict The Behavior Of Globalists

Activist Post – by Brandon Smith

In my last article, ‘How Globalists Predict Your Behavior’, I outlined the primary method globalists use to measure public consent, or, public dissent. The use of macro-analytics and the hyper-monitoring of Web traffic is a powerful tool at the disposal of the establishment for gauging shifts in public consciousness in real-time.   Continue reading

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Manhunt for suspect in fatal shooting of Louisiana police officer


A suspect in the fatal shooting of an off-duty Louisiana police officer was the target of a manhunt on Friday, hours after the crime occurred, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

Westwego Police Officer Michael Louviere, 26, was heading home shortly after 6 a.m. local time on Friday when he stopped to respond to an apparent accident outside New Orleans. He exited his marked vehicle to offer aid, sheriff’s spokesman Colonel John Fortunato said in a phone interview.   Continue reading

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Rothschild Family Wealth is Five Times that of World’s Top 8 Billionaires Combined

Waking Times – by Isaac Davis

A recent report by Oxfam International highlights the dramatic rise in income equality by noting that the combined wealth of the world’s top 8 individual billionaires is more than the lower half of the world’s population, some 3.6 billion people. The intention of the report was to bring awareness to the unfairness and injustice inherent in our global economic system.

“It calls for a fundamental change in the way we manage our economies so that they work for all people, and not just a fortunate few.” [Oxfam]

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“Good people don’t smoke marijuana” – Sen. Jeff Sessions

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Draining the swamp directly into the White House

Strident Conservative – by David Leach

Much has been made of Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington, a clever way of saying that he will get rid of the business-as-usual establishment politicians responsible for turning government into the disaster it has become.

Unfortunately, when it comes to some of his cabinet appointments, it looks like the swamp drains directly into the White House.   Continue reading

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