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DHS Hacks GEORGIA Vote Data?? Sec State Accuses DHS Of Hacking!

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Man Lifts 20 Ton Block By Hand

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American Street Kid Trailer 1 (2016) – Homeless Youth Documentary

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Hillary Clinton Warns Against Danger of Fake News at First Speech at Captiol Hill after Election

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Greg Lake, Emerson, Lake & Palmer Co-Founder, Dead at 69

Rolling Stone – by Kory Grow

Greg Lake, a singer and multi-instrumentalist who helped propel prog rock into the mainstream as a member of Emerson, Lake and Palmer and King Crimson, died Tuesday. His manager told the BBC he had recently had “a long and stubborn battle with cancer”; the news comes nine months after the death of his bandmate, Keith Emerson. He was 69.

“It is with great sadness that I must now say goodbye to my friend and fellow bandmate, Greg Lake,” Carl Palmer wrote in a statement. “Greg’s soaring voice and skill as a musician will be remembered by all who knew his music and recordings he made with ELP and King Crimson. I have fond memories of those great years we had in the 1970s and many memorable shows we performed together. Having lost Keith this year as well has made this particularly hard for all of us. As Greg sang at the end of Pictures at an Exhibition, ‘death is life.’ His music can now live forever in the hearts of all who loved him.”   Continue reading

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Merkel ally threatens Facebook with fines over online hate speech


A senior German conservative has warned Facebook it could face fines if it fails to act faster to tackle online hate speech, and he said the government could propose legislative measures in the new year.

Speaking at a party conference of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) in Essen, western Germany, Volker Kauder suggested politicians were running out of patience with efforts by social media providers to crack down on hate speech.   Continue reading

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Cops Throw Handcuffed Legless Woman to the Ground, Watch Her as She Cries for Help

Free Thought Project – by Jack Burns

Miami, FL — Miami-Dade Police are under fire tonight after a pair of their finest handcuffed a panhandler, who was also a double-amputee, and then dropped her to the ground, leaving the woman there crying out for help, after being arrested for trespassing. Of course, there are two sides to every story.

In an attempt to evaluate the scene from multiple perspectives, one could say the police were just doing their jobs. After all, the woman was reportedly belligerent and trespassing. And in all fairness to the police, she may have thrown herself to the ground because she knew the incident was being recorded and possibly wanted to make a few dollars in a lawsuit against the city.   Continue reading

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Cash Is No Longer King: The Phasing Out of Physical Money Has Begun

Anti-Media – by Shaun Bradley

As physical currency around the world is increasingly phased out, the era where “cash is king” seems to be coming to an end. Countries like India and South Korea have chosen to limit access to physical money by law, and others are beginning to test digital blockchains for their central banks.

The war on cash isn’t going to be waged overnight, and showdowns will continue in any country where citizens turn to alternatives like precious metals or decentralized cryptocurrencies. Although this transition may feel like a natural progression into the digital age, the real motivation to go cashless is downright sinister.   Continue reading

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Obama Waives Restrictions on Military Assistance to Foreign Forces in Syria


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The assistance include the provision of defense articles and services to forces allied with the United States, according to the release.

“I hereby…determine that the transaction, encompassing the provision of defense articles and services to foreign forces, irregular forces, groups, or individuals engaged in supporting or facilitating ongoing US military operations to counter terrorism in Syria, is essential to the national security interests of the United States,” Obama said. “[I hereby] waive the prohibitions…related to such a transaction.”   Continue reading

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Syrian Army suspends active military operation in Aleppo – Russian FM


Syrian government forces have suspended “active military activities” against militants in eastern Aleppo to enable the withdrawal of civilians from the city, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced while speaking in Hamburg, Germany.

Lavrov was speaking on Thursday on the sidelines of a meeting of ministers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).   Continue reading

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One Year after Trump is elected President…. (The White House)


Originally posted by Angel-NYC, July, 2015

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The Word From the Trenches – December 8, 2016

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Archive: TWFTT 12-8-16

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John Glenn, astronaut and former US senator, dead at 95

My Fox 8

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Renowned astronaut and former U.S. Sen. John Glenn has died, according to the Columbus Dispatch. He was 95.

Glenn was hospitalized “more than a week ago,” according to Ohio State University spokesman Hank Wilson.

Glenn had heart valve replacement surgery in 2014.   Continue reading

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U.S. transgender people harassed in public restrooms: landmark survey


Almost 60 percent of transgender Americans have avoided using public restrooms for fear of confrontation, saying they have been harassed and assaulted, according to the largest survey taken of transgender people in the United States.

The survey of 27,715 respondents reached an estimated 2 percent of the adult transgender population in 2015, seeking to fill a gap in data about a severely understudied group whose experiences and challenges from medicine to law to economics and family relations are poorly understood.   Continue reading

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U.S. Congress votes to apply Magnitsky human rights act globally


Legislation expanding the 2012 U.S. Magnitsky human rights act from Russian citizens to cover abusers in any country passed the U.S. Senate on Thursday as part of an annual defense policy bill, leaving the landmark measure on the verge of becoming law.

The legislation was included in the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, setting policy for the Department of Defense, despite the recent election of Republican Donald Trump as the U.S. president.   Continue reading

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Canadian scientists to test promising HIV vaccine on 600 volunteers


A promising new HIV vaccine has successfully passed initial trials on 33 HIV-positive patients, and will now be tested on 600 people who do not suffer from the illness to find out its ability to prevent infection.

The results of the first tests of the vaccine, dubbed SAV001, have been published in the journal Retrovirology. It is a ‘killed whole-HIV-1 vaccine’, which means that it contains the virus itself, but modified and already harmless for the human body. The vaccine aims at producing anti-HIV antibodies in uninfected patients.   Continue reading

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Congressman Calls Tucker Carlson a Russian Agent on Prime Time Television

Liberty Blitzkrieg – by Michael Krieger

This is a remarkable, must watch interview between Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and California Congressman Adam Schiff.

More than anything else, the primary takeaway is the completely clownish and pathetic manner in which Mr. Schiff represents himself and his office. The only reply he has to Carlson, which he uses on at least three occasions, is to blurt out “party of Reagan” in a childish attempt at guilting Tucker into a mutual embrace of neo-Cold War jingoism.  Continue reading

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Trump- Have Americans Been Neo Conned?

Henry Makow

Trump- Israel’s Trojan Horse? 

Latest– Wayne Madsen – Trump Must Stop NeoCon Invasion of His Admin

Americans are holding their breath wondering if Trump is the “real deal.” Some are wondering if the Judeo Masonic conspiracy model has been shattered. The appointment of Breitbart News CEO Steven Bannon as Trump “Chief Strategist” provides a clue. Breitbart was set up in 2007 to counter criticism of Israel by left-leaning American Jews.  To this day, it is essentially an Israeli propaganda outlet,  garnering a tremendous following by championing the “alt right”.
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#PizzaGate Breakthrough: ROTHSCHILD and CTR’s David Brock Had Social Ties w/ Jimmy Comet!

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YouTube Is Deleting My #PizzaGate Videos Without My Permission.

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