Carl Klang [EXTREMIST] 1999 FULL CD’

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Facebook’s Zuckerberg: Fight Against Nationalism ‘Struggle of our Time’

Breitbart – by Tony Lee

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg choked up while speaking about an illegal immigrant “DREAMer” during his Harvard commencement speech and declared that the fight against the forces of nationalism “is the struggle of our time.”

Zuckerberg acknowledged on Thursday that “there are people left behind by globalization across the world” and even conceded that “there are people in every country for global connection and good people against it.”   Continue reading

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US might expand laptop ban to all international flights – Homeland Security Secretary


Laptops and other gadgets could soon become a thing of the past on all flights in and out of the US as Homeland Security Secretary hinted that the country could expand their ban on the devices in airplane cabins.

In late March, the US barred passengers traveling from eight middle eastern countries from carrying large electronic devices on board inbound flights over concerns that terrorists had created a new type of airline bomb.   Continue reading

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Memorial Day History

Veterans Affairs

Three years after the Civil War ended, on May 5, 1868, the head of an organization of Union veterans — the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) — established Decoration Day as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of the war dead with flowers. Maj. Gen. John A. Logan declared that Decoration Day should be observed on May 30. It is believed that date was chosen because flowers would be in bloom all over the country.

The first large observance was held that year at Arlington National Cemetery, across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.   Continue reading

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US Aid To Israel – The Real Deal

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Trump Administration Seeks To Deny Gun Rights To Non-Violent “Criminals”

The Daily Sheeple – by Dawn Luger

Donald Trump was endorsed by the NRA (National Rifle Association) and he assured his voters he’d protect their second amendment right to keep and bear arms.  Considering his new desire to keep non-violent “criminals” from owning guns, this flip-flop on values needs to be known.

Scouring through conservative alternative media left much to be desired on this, while the left-leaning outlets are having a heyday.  The truth is more important than partisan politics, so it bears mentioning that this won’t sit nicely in the belly of those on the political right. But Sessions vs. Binderup is a big deal to anyone who seeks freedom from the continued oppression of the federal government.   Continue reading

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New $80M Anti-Trump Network Spearheaded by Soros-Funded Org With Former ACORN Employees

The Washington Free Beacon – by Joe Schoffstall

A new $80 million anti-Trump network is being led by an organization whose top funder is liberal billionaire George Soros and which employs former members of the controversial and now-defunct Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).

The Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund, the 501(c)(4) sister organization of the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), a New York-based nonprofit that receives the bulk of its funding from George Soros, announced at their spring gala Tuesday that they will be heading up the new $80 million anti-Trump network that will span 32 states and have 48 local partners, CNN reported.   Continue reading

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U.S. Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed In

The New York Times – by Gardiner Harris

WASHINGTON — Despite repeated efforts by President Trump to curtail refugee resettlements, the State Department this week quietly lifted the department’s restriction on the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States.

The result could be a near doubling of refugees entering the country, from about 830 people a week in the first three weeks of this month to well over 1,500 people per week by next month, according to refugee advocates. Tens of thousands of refugees are waiting to come to the United States.

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About 3800 People Are Jailed In New York For The Crime Of Being Poor

The Daily Sheeple – by Dawn Lugar

Every day of 2016, New York City held an average of 7,633 people in jail for pretrial detention. Pretrial detention means that these are people who have yet to be convicted of any crime, and who are, in one of our criminal justice system’s most important stipulations, presumed innocent. The United States is setting a new precedent for its civilians.  If you’re poor, you get to face time in the slammer for the crime of not being able to post bail.  Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” Because 3800 of New York’s jailed people are behind bars for one reason:

They don’t have enough money.   Continue reading

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The Glowing Orb “Ceremony” Marks The Beginning Of The “Global Center For Combating Extremist Ideology”

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: Notice how dark this “ceremony” was. Who operates in darkness? Satan of course, while our Father is the Light (Ephesians 6:11-12, 1 John 1:5). What did Trump have to say about this new “Global Center“…

“We must be united in pursuing the one goal that transcends every other consideration. That goal is to meet history’s great test — to conquer extremism and vanquish the forces of terrorism.”
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Sources: 3rd US Naval Strike Force Deployed to Deter North Korea

VOA News

The United States is sending a third aircraft carrier strike force to the western Pacific region in an apparent warning to North Korea to deter its ballistic missile and nuclear programs, two sources have told VOA.

The USS Nimitz, one of the world’s largest warships, will join two other supercarriers, the USS Carl Vinson and the USS Ronald Reagan, in the western Pacific, the sources told VOA’s Steve Herman.   Continue reading

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8 Dead, Including Deputy Sheriff, After Mississippi Shooting; Suspect in Custody

NBC Chicago

Authorities in Mississippi said Sunday that a suspect is in custody after eight people were killed in a shooting, including a sheriff’s deputy.

Mississippi Bureau of Investigation spokesman Warren Strain said the shootings occurred at three separate homes Saturday night in rural Lincoln County. Two of the homes are in Brookhaven and one is in Bogue Chitto. The area is about 68 miles south of Jackson, the capital.   Continue reading

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Judge overturns life sentences for D.C. sniper Lee Boyd Malvo


A federal judge on Friday tossed out life prison terms for one of two men convicted in a deadly Washington, D.C. area shooting spree, saying he must be re-sentenced in light of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the Washington Post reported.

Lee Boyd Malvo, 32, was one of two men found guilty in the series of sniper shootings in the fall of 2002 that killed 10 people, wounded three others and left residents of Washington, D.C. suburbs traumatized.   Continue reading

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8th-grader barred from giving graduation speech over Bible verses. So he does the next best thing.

Post News

The tiny rural town of Akin in southern Illinois might not have a post office, but it can now count itself among the players on the national stage after an eighth-grade boy was barred from giving a graduation speech over its religious content.

Akin Community Grade School salutatorian Seth Clark submitted his speech for approval, the Benton Evening News said,  but a local citizen complained about the content of the address, which included references to God and the Bible. So school officials told the 13-year-old he couldn’t deliver the speech, the paper reported.
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Evergreen State College students SEIZE campus, begin forced searches of vehicles for white professor who refused to kow-tow to liberal insanity

Natural News – by JD Heyes

If ever there were a perfect example of the phrase, “The inmates have taken over the asylum,” this is it.

On Friday the Washington Times reported that in the preceding 72 hours, students had taken over — yes, taken over — Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. The college is known for its uber-Left-wing politics and its policy of appraising student performance not with grades but with “narrative evaluations.”   Continue reading

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Jim Bunning, Hall of Fame pitcher and US senator, dead at 85


May 27 (Reuters) – Jim Bunning, who showed much of the same combativeness as a U.S. congressman as he had during his Hall of Fame career as a deceptive pitcher in baseball’s major leagues, died at the age of 85, his son said on Saturday.

“Heaven got its No 1 starter today. Our lives & the nation are better off because of your love & dedication to family,” read a Twitter message from his son, David Bunning.   Continue reading

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DNC Staffer Arrested For Possessing ‘Infant Porn’ Featuring Babies as Young as 6 Months Old

Free Thought Project – by Jack Burns

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is hiring! There’s a vacancy in his administration for a computer programmer analyst, in the Department of Design and Construction. That’s because Jacob Schwartz, 29, a DNC staffer and former analyst, has been arrested and charged with being in possession of “kiddie porn” involving children as young as 6 months old.

Schwartz is also the president of the Manhattan Young Democrats and the downstate region vice president of the New York State Young Democrats. In other words, he was a “made” Democrat, part of the inner circle of budding influential NYC politicians, who was even friends with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robbie Mook.   Continue reading

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Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York: Passports And IDs Mysteriously Discovered In The Wake Of Terror Attacks

Global Research – by Prof Michel Chossudovsky

This article reviews the “mysterious” phenomenon of IDs and Passports of terror suspects routinely discovered (often in the rubble) in the wake of a terrorist attack.

In most cases the alleged suspect was known to the authorities.

Is there a pattern?  The ID papers of the suspect are often left behind, discovered by police in the wake of a terrorist attack.   Continue reading

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Gregg Allman dead: Singer, organist for The Allman Brothers Band was 69

Fox News

Gregg Allman, the legendary frontman of The Allman Brothers, died Saturday, a publicist said. He was 69.

Allman died at his home in Savannah, Georgia, publicist Ken Weinstein said. A statement on the singer’s website said he “passed away peacefully.”   Continue reading

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Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter’s national security adviser, dies at 89

BBC News

Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser, has died aged 89.

Mr Brzezinski “passed away peacefully” in Virginia on Friday evening, his daughter Mika said on social media.

President Carter paid tribute to him as a “superb public servant”.   Continue reading

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