The Word From the Trenches – February 17, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – February 17, 2022

    1. Paid leave? Wouldn’t doubt it. How many times do they have to say it’s just one bad cop before they realize it’s not just one bad cop?
      Ready for the snow?

      1. Apparently both are no longer employed, according to the chief boar.
        The talking heads don’t like to give many details.
        And yes, we need precipitation badly here whatever form.
        Except ice.
        Ice likes to fuk things up to much, and there’s still a crap load of downed and busted up trees from the wind storm last summer I ain’t processed.

  1. Thanks again Henry!

    I always download the broadcasts along with others I use to keep updated & listen while I’m working. A while ago I realized my ability to download stuff was being hampered by the usual suspects in my area. Trying to download the shows here directly from the link (save as) started resulting in the download going right to the end but never completing 100% every time no matter what I tried. I then started opening the link in another tab & using the download button on the player. This worked fine for a while until now where the download speed has been reduced to an absolute crawl every time (often less than 10kb/sec!). This is definitely some kind of external censorship!

    What I’m doing now is using a very good free downloader program called JDownloader 2. All I do now is copy the link while the program is open & it automatically picks it up & places it in the “Linkgrabber” download list. I can then edit the name & tell it where to download to & start the download. I usually get the fastest speed my connection is capable of for just about anything I download. There are other free downloaders out there that you can use like Free Download Manager (I’ve tried most) so take your pick but here’s the link to the one I use now in case anyone else is getting the same issues & wants to give it a go –

    PS. You can also use JDownloader 2 to download videos from most of the “alternative” video sites like Bitchute, Odysee, etc by just copying the link. There’s even an option to just download the extracted audio from each of those videos so you don’t have to download a big ass file just to listen. Very handy tool!

  2. Oh boy, the last 15 minutes of the show were certainly an eye-opener for me. I knew much about the unlawfulness of The Constitution but it never really jelled for me on what that actually meant until today. Henry, when you uttered the words: “It never was a Republic,” chills went up my spine. Surely it was for at least 10 seconds, before they jumped in to usurp the freedom of the individual. And those 10 seconds passed so quickly, as if they were just a dream, but today we are remembering The Republic before they seized it.

    I did not know that “titles of nobility” were prohibited in the original Bill of Rights. Unsuccessful in my search to find out more about this. But what a thing to have surrendered. What a free pass for aristocracy to stay in control. Damn them!!! Yes, “treason!!!”

    It’s like I’m standin’ there sayin’: “I’m a free person.”

    They: “Yes, and we’ll help to keep you free.”

    Me: “I don’t need your help.”

    They: “You must take it and pay us for it.”

    Me: “I will not!! I certainly will not!!!”

    They: “Arrest this woman!!”

    And as you say, Henry, “We never gave them consent to rule us.” They not only kept the power, they amped it up. But we have the truth and the law on our side and we will set things right. Thank you!!


  3. I’ve been thinking for 3 days what to say about all this.. it all boils down to what Galen said during the Jamal Henry…. discussion… semantics. EVERYTHING they say and do is fraudulent and deceitful. NO EXCEPTIONS. and it is intentional. 1.. corporation means dead speak. it’s a fiction.. legalese.. strawman. 2. we are a nation of laws.. we all know that’s not true. policies. 3. our democracy. 51 decide for the other 49.. what their Rights can be. 4. the Right to vote. this is a perfect example of a privilege. gotta be 18.. gotta live in a certain area gotta register.. among many other hoops. 5.. CITIZENS.. I actually heard them say British Nationals the other day because EVERYBODY is a National except us.. the Actual Nationals!. the British themselves KNOW and ACCEPT that they are Subjects and LOVE that fat crinkled up bitch!! a LEGALLY recognized subject or national… 6. unconstitutional.. NOTHING they do is unconstitutional. EVERYTHING they do violates the Bill of Rights. and they know that and that’s exactly what they’re kinda maybe not saying. lastly.. Capitalist/Capitalism. to me it means to have the ability to “capitalize” on opportunity. to them it means it’s “legal” to capitalize on misfortune. the 800$ gun for 200$ was the perfect analogy. pawn shop much?? when they say dark web or black market.. that means they can’t or don’t control it and want to give it evil dirty scary connotations. guns and drugs are the best examples because we all know guns and drugs kill everybody that ever comes in contact with either. I own 5 guns. I have no idea how to even get a permit. swear to god. so i reckon I’m a black market guy. black market IS free market. simple as that. I saw today where they CONVICTED a man for providing.. not forcing.. providing meaning he sold drugs to a baseball player who died. same as Remington being responsible for every death and bartenders being responsible for every DUI. if you are prescribed pills that you pay for and they kill you.. the pharmacist isn’t convicted. in conclusion.. all these ISMs fascism communism capitalism are DEPENDENT on government.. to make them function.. exist. there is no such thing as individualism.. ISMs require a group.. a collective. this is another word that could get muddy. again, semantics. also on purpose. to keep Patriots arguing over ‘yeah buts’ and ‘what ifs’. it’s hard to talk about. the words are beaten into us. hell it’s 2022 and we still you use words like Nazi and the Globe. it’s a lot harder to shake the words we use every day.. I mean especially as a citizen of this great democracy!!! I do love you all. .. except for Deon.. he’s from Tuscaloosa.. WDE buddy!!

    1. Mike, some good comments, but a few got me wonderin’ on a few things:

      What word would we use in place of “Nazi?”

      And “Globe.” I guess it’s flat-earthers who don’t like that word. Whole other discussion, but right now there are so many pressing things.

      I like this summary: “Capitalist/Capitalism. To me it means to have the ability to ‘capitalize’ on opportunity. To them it means it’s ‘legal’ to capitalize on misfortune.” Yeah, context means so much.

      “Black market IS free market.” You won’t see that in print too often. Yes, free, from the most ethical trade to the most nefarious of transactions. But I’m sure withing that realm, there are skimmers, too.

      Re: “There is no such thing as individualism.” Here you’re probably referring to the oppressors’ point of view. But it jolted me a bit to see those words: “There is no such thing as individualism.” My immediate reaction was: Yes there is!! I am it!! You are it!! Each is it!! 🙂


      1. I joke. you have to admit Nazi is a catch all bad word. we all know about the holohoax.. and i think the earth is not what they tell us. and I said individualism could be a muddy the waters kind of word. it’s all good. i have opinions. I don’t know everything.

        1. I’m a proud member of the “I Don’t Know Everything Club.” Seems we currently have almost 8 billion members.



          1. I heard one of our Canadian law experts say at a press conference today, that they are changing the meanings of all the words, the most important word being freedom. When they start hijacking our language, that’s when we know it’s time to reduce it all right back down to the only language and the only original words contained in the 10 easy articles of the one piece of paper that has any real meaning, and which can never be changed. It all began with free enterprise, and any and all other words since, are meaningless. My opinion. Meanwhile, in Ottawa this evening, just before sunset, in the below freezing temperatures, the people are playing and singing Rolling Stones songs for the police line with their stringed instruments, with their bare hands! Guitar, banjo, yukele, violin….. their last hurrah of freedom before the violent crack-down that could come at them at any time. They are singing about living free and dying free… holding the line.

  4. This was an interesting discussion. I am always saying that in order to understand your enemy you have to read their books to see what they are actually saying before forming any educated opinions. While it may seem contentious to post quotes by people you might consider an enemy please allow me to just play Devil’s Advocate here briefly. My personal disclaimer here of course would be that I don’t support or promote ANY of the “isms”. I only post this here as (cut & paste) historical record not because I endorse anything being said or who said it. They are interesting quotes nonetheless. PLEASE DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER! 🙂

    “Capitalism and Bolshevism are the two sides of the same international Jewish coin.” — Adolf Hitler


    “It is self-evident that where this democracy rules, the people as such are not taken into consideration at all. The only thing that matters is the existence of a few hundred gigantic capitalists who own all the factories and their stock and, through them, control the people. The masses of the people do not interest them in the least. They are interested in them just as were our bourgeois parties in former times – only when elections are being held, when they need votes. Otherwise, the life of the masses is a matter of complete indifference to them.” — Adolf Hitler


    “In those countries, it is actually capital that rules; that is, nothing more than a clique of a few hundred men who possess untold wealth and, as a consequence of the peculiar structure of their national life, are more or less independent and free. They say: ‘Here we have liberty.’ By this they mean, above all, an uncontrolled economy, and by an uncontrolled economy, the freedom not only to acquire capital but to make absolutely free use of it. That means freedom from national control or control by the people both in the acquisition of capital and in its employment. This is really what they mean when they speak of liberty. These capitalists create their own press and then speak of the ‘freedom of the press.’

    In reality, every one of the newspapers has a master, and in every case this master is the capitalist, the owner.” — Adolf Hitler


    “I wish to put before you a few basic facts: The first is that in the capitalistic democratic world the most important principle of economy is that the people exist for trade and industry, and that these in turn exist for capital. We have reversed this principle by making capital exist for trade and industry, and trade and industry exist for the people. In other words, the people come first. Everything else is but a means to this end. When an economic system is not capable of feeding and clothing a people, then it is bad, regardless of whether a few hundred people say: ‘As far as I am concerned it is good, excellent; my dividends are splendid.'” — Adolf Hitler

    1. haahaa!! OUTSTANDING! that’s what I was getting at about the Nazi word.. I’m not a Hitler fan BUT like the “globe” I don’t believe everything they’ve told us about him. everyone likes to say Nazi means national socialists workers party but NO ONE says it’s the last 4 letters of ashkeNAZI!! words have meaning.. sometimes a buncha different meanings.

      1. I just got the Bill of Rights out to re-read it, and you know what? I couldn’t find a f-king thing in there about Adolf Hitler.
        The 9th and 10th Articles make clear that Nazism, communism, fascism, fabian socialism, and any other socialist ideology is not allowed in these unites states of the Americas.
        I have seen Hitler’s name more times in the last day than I have all year. Tell me there isn’t somebody out there stupid enough to think they are going to take over the narrative, especially on my broadcast, with this fascist shit.
        I guess what I am trying to say is I’ve had enough. Hitler might have been a lessor monster, but by God he was a monster and he absolutely was a dictator, which makes him irrelevant except to be forbidden by our Bill of Rights.
        Quit distracting from the Bill of Rights with this f-king fascism.
        One and only one f-king warning. Take heed.

  5. Ally, by virtue of those quotes you shared, it is easy to see why he is the one who is demonized the most. Something we never learned in school. One of the other chilling things he said was, “Some day my spirit will rise from the grave and all the world will know I was right.”

  6. More Hitler thoughts. Even in their own words, any can say the most high-minded things, but when we take what they said and put it next to what they did, we often find they did not live up to their own words. For me that translates into how it played out for the INDIVIDUAL, not the collective. And in Hitler’s case, a primary focus of the collective was about race. More specifically, a master race. So much gets painted in black and white: If the jew bankers going after Germany were bad, Hitler had to be good.

    Was Hitler right about illusions of superiority? About seizing land without compensation? About state control of the press? About many other things that flew in the face of freedom? I’m no Hitler scholar but I think I can recognize a dictator when I see one. His minister of propaganda said, “Socialism is sacrificing the individual to the whole.” That’s like a death sentence to self-determinism and submission to other-determinism.

    The whole ball of wax of those times, Jews vs Hitler, Allied Powers vs Axis Powers all mixed up in money lust. A mess, and we’ll likely never know the whole truth of it.

    Here I think Adolf delivers some of the finest double-speak I ever heard:

    “True Socialism values the individual and encourages him in individual efficiency, at the same time holding that his interests as an individual must be in consonance with those of the community.”

    Consonance, noun: agreement, harmony, accord. In other words, I, as an individual am valued as long as I do the collectivist dance.

    When one really gets the whole inalienable and unalienable rights thing, even the slightest coercion is an affront to one’s true nature.


    1. One of the race issues regarding Hitler was that the Jew was doing to their culture what they are doing everywhere else in the world, today. Germany didn’t have the American Bill of Rights, but it did have pride in its own people. He always said, “this people” of this nation. He had respect for the beauty, strength and qualities of other races and cultures, of other nations, which were not German. He hated how the Jews were trying to erase their culture. That was taken and twisted to mean he was a German supremacist. Well, maybe I’m just spouting propaganda from the German side of that horrific period in history, which now, is being repeated. They tried pitting the different races and cultures in Canada against eachother. They even succeeded in dividing families and friends! By the end of these past 2 years of their shit, we woke up and said, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We came together as a Nation, under our law, under our anthem, and now, it’s the people against the henchmen of the NWO. Same today, as it was back then. Same shit, different pile, different day.

      The difference for us, is that our movement came about as a mass of individuals who followed a leader who just got arrested today. They stood up against the corporate enforcers. One lady got trampled on by one of the horses that were sent into the crowd. Not sure if she died or not…
      Doublespeak, and all mixed up in money lust. There’s the key!

      galen, all the points you make are so well articulated and well thought out. I really appreciate sharing thoughts with you, and I respect each and every one of them. I still have a long way to go. Thanks, galen.

      1. National socialism and every other form of socialism is collectivism, which is repugnant to individualism.
        The Bill of Rights is about the natural rights of the individual.
        Hitler was a national socialist and a fascist, as the government absolutely controlled the industry. His grandfather was a f-king Rothschild. He was a tool of the jews, just like Stalin, just like Mao, just like Pol Pot, just like Ho Chi Minh.
        We have the Bill of Rights to enforce.
        F-k every socialist, every fascist, every communist. They are what we seek to destroy, not to put in the scales of opinion and conjecture, to declare one not as bad as the rest. Sorry, but f-k them all. I don’t need them or the baggage that goes along with them, and I will never praise any of them for any reason because they are in their essence the personification of lies, deceit, mass murder and all in the name of empire building. That is what we are fighting here, not what we are trying to sell.
        If people aren’t smart enough as individuals not to be suckered in and divided by propaganda, they are worthless and need to be marched into the sea for security’s sake.

        1. Right! F**k them all! Our right to live our lives as free individuals under the best law of freedom ever written, is under attack. We are fighting for our lives, not only to defend that law, but to enforce it. You put it all in a nut shell. I thank you for that, because I learned something valuable to carry with me to help me to fight.

    2. galen, some of the sources and authors I have learned what they never taught me in school, about this subject include Hellstorm, The Greatest Story Never Told, Europa the Last Battle, Benjamin Freeman 1961, David Irving, Ernst Zundel, G.Edward Griffin and Eustace Mullins. There is also a documentary about the Holodomor, which was about the Bolshevik side of the story. When I went through that adventure in learning, that is when life started getting lonely for me. I saw things differently. Then, one day, I was tuned in to Wardo. He hosted Henry’s May 30, 2019 broadcast and I found my new best friend. Most of the others dropped out of my life, but I don’t care about them as much as I care about the truth. I get that here. I love reading the content and the comments.

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