16 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – June 6, 2018

  1. Man, these callers eat a stupid pill today!!! Henry I don’t know how more, simple you can make it!!

      1. Mark, I didn’t find your comments stupid, you were simply laying out the ramifications of standing up to the lawlessness.

        1. Well,, I’ve been called worse. Been a long day, 620 miles, unloaded, drove to reload. Tired. Dealing with idiots all day on the road, road repair slow downs out the ass, you name it. I guess I can deal with stupid.

          1. Wanna hear something funny? And you probably won’t believe it, but at some point during the broadcast today I said to myself, “Damn, Mark is smart!!” No frikkin’ kiddin’. I swear.



      2. Mark, you’re my favorite caller on the show. Honest, direct, and heartfelt opinions. I didn’t hear the show yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

  2. I figured it out. Another urgent and important litmus test that must be added to these existing important and urgent litmus tests:

    1) Who will speak the truth about who did 9/11?

    2) Who will speak the truth about who runs the world? By this I mean naming names and not just using vague terms like Corporate Elite, Banksters, or Illuminati.

    3) Who will speak the truth about forced immigration/invasion and who is orchestrating it?

    These three are so important, and of course there are many more, especially in the realm of false-flags. But today it occurred to me that the current litmus test of prominence must be:

    Who will advance The Bill of Rights as a viable way out?

    Because of Henry’s work it becomes glaringly clear who is ignoring this, not giving it the time of day, i.e., air-time or print.

    I may have to start keeping a list of who passes this litmus test and who does not. How else to discern traitors from truth-tellers?

    Thanks, Henry!!


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