43 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – May 11, 2018

  1. 53 now, 64 hi, 45 lo. Cloudy, chilly, but 77 tomorrow, 83 Sun. Fishing for sure early next week.

  2. I’ve been saying it for years… there is no other site putting out the UNADULTERATED TRUTH like The Trenches.

    You won’t find any comments from me on ANY other site out there.

  3. Educate the masses! Request Henry’s CD (approx. 6 hours in length) ‘Bill of Rights/ Common Law Explained’…..send request to:
    PO Box 94
    Kulm, ND 58456
    or shoot me an email….Laura has my addy

    1. That CD is awesome. If they’re not moving it’s because people think they already know all there is to know about the Bill of Rights, and it’s not the case.

      Get the CD, make copies, and help fill the educational need in this country. We can’t expect Henry, or any broadcaster to reach everyone. This isn’t a spectator sport, it’s an educational movement that exposes what the Zionists have cleverly kept hidden from the American people. There are 320 million people to reach. That’s going to require your help.

  4. COOKIES!!! 🙂


  5. I make my voice heard by NOT participating by listening to their broadcasts. I’ve cast my pearls before swine over there more than once and will not do it again.

  6. Freezing my ass off

    38 degrees – Beaver Dam, Wisconsin – Heavy rain on and off

    Headed to Massachusetts, knowing my luck I’m going to freeze my ass off the entire trip.

    1. dang Mark…it was 33 here the other morning…still have heat on…….not for long though….I am moving to Texas!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeehaw!

      1. Happy for ya Mary,

        A change will be good for you, your gonna like this Texas! You won’t like I35 or the wet backs though.

        Good luck with the move!

      2. Pro Israel,pro Republican, pro church/state, pro vote.
        It’s not exactly communism, I think it’s pure “dumdassism”.

          1. mary in TX???

            Just doesn’t have the same ring to it somehow. 🙄 🙂

  7. Thanks, Henry. It’s high integrity that gets you in trouble. What a way to go!! I’ll paraphrase what you uttered today: “I ain’t gonna support that which slits my own throat.” Perfect!! Because that’s what those boys are asking us to do. EF ‘EM!! And I use the words “boys” because they have not embraced what it really is to be a man. Yesterday in the comments I kind of called Mark out, but no response yet. I bet he’s currently in turmoil, possibly conflicted. What to do? Admit his error and join the real effort? Or dive further into supporting the enemy. Interesting few days ahead.

    They now take the immature path of attacking you with ad homs. That happens when they come up bankrupt on how to advance the argument’s outcome in their direction.


    Not a leg to stand on. Pro-Israel, pro-Republican, pro-Church and State, pro-vote. Who the hell are these guys?

    Henry, you said the whole thing is making you “sick.” I hope you and Laura find a way to have some peace and rest this weekend and to be nurtured by it. Hard as all this mess was to put up with, I feel somewhat energized by it and expect we all will have to grow a bit more. Let the growing begin. Let freedom ring!! Bless Henry and Laura and ALL Trenchers!!


    1. Pro Israel,pro Republican, pro church/state, pro vote.
      It’s not exactly communism, I think it’s pure “dumdassism”.

  8. If you want to know what’s going on currently in this old world, the trenches is the place to be!!!!

  9. Regarding the show:

    Everyone who is fighting, or even claiming to be fighting, should have no trouble declaring what they’re fighting for.

    Is it, or is it not the Bill of Rights?

    In that document lies our unity.

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