The Word From the Trenches – May 31, 2019

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8 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – May 31, 2019

  1. 61F and SMOKE on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies – Huge forest fires north of us and its so smoky I cannot see across the road.

  2. 1 million dollars is you going to the bank EVERY Friday, withdraw 1000$(thousand), for 19 years and 3 months. a billion is a thousand of those and a trillion is a thousand billion or 1 million, million! 22trillion dollars given out to 320mln people in this country is roughly 70,000$ FOR EVERY SINGLE person, whether they are newborn or 104 years old. i wouldn’t mind a $70k kicker right about now!

  3. The tariff on Mexico will then be paid for by the American national when its applied to any products imported. This is so sad and pathetic. We have to take this country back.

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