8 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – May 9, 2022

      1. It hurt.
        Plants 20 inches apart
        Hammered in a T post every two plants so’s I can stake them with poly twine, and defeat the tomato ring mess. 🙂

  1. Just FYI i normally download the show to listen to while working. Usually when I open the link in a new tab I get just the player on a blank page from the player provider with a download option on the player itself. This time I got a slightly different player on a trenches webpage with no download option so I had to use JDownloader 2 & copy the page url to it to filter out an mp3 link to download. Looks like something changed slightly there so thought I’d let you know. There’s always ways to get downloads if you know how but for the less savvy out there there’s no “obvious” download option today by the looks of it.

    PS. Might just be the browser I’m using so maybe others can test this also. There’s also a remote possibility that this has been done in the background to quietly limit what potential listeners can access! Probably worth checking out anyway.

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