The Word From the Trenches – November 30, 2020

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Archive: TWFTT 11-30-20

7 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – November 30, 2020

    1. I saw the face shield here at the grocery store about 2-3 months ago. My God, I thought to myself, this is so retarded.
      Today at the lumber store I commented to a man if he was expecting some cold weather because he was buying faucet covers and pipe insulation. We are expecting freezing weather in a few days. Anyway he doesn’t answer my question but says, when I saw you not wearing a damn mask I took mine off, I hate these damn masks. I said, yep, that’s right brother.

      1. Checking out at Fleet Farm. The boy said something. I told him “I can’t hear you with that face diaper on”.
        Another time at check out I was asked my zip code…
        Told him ” I don’t have one. I’m a homeless guy with skills”. He said “I’m a home owner with no skills” lol
        At least that one was honest, and not wearing a mask.

  1. Thank you Henry, Laura, JD and all Trenchers living and deceased for your steadfastness and commitment to the unwavering Truth. Liberty over slavery! Love to all of you!

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