The Word From the Trenches – October 23, 2019

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Archive: TWFTT 10-23-19

17 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – October 23, 2019

  1. Thank you, Henry. After today’s broadcast I will be more on my toes as to where I am being baited. They are so slick in how they attempt to set us up.


  2. Had my comment been directed at all black people, it definitely would have been racist. It was not… therefore that claim was blatantly bogus.

    I wouldn’t be Hatr if I stopped calling a spade a spade (and that is DEFINITELY not a racist reference in any way… I’ve been using it since I started posting here) whenever I see communism at work.

    I would LOVE to have seen digger’s comment on the subject, Henry… he was as blatantly blunt about things as I am (if not more so). 🙂

    Digger was the best friend I ever had that I never even got to meet in person. 🙁

  3. Another one of those broadcasts that required me to give a second listen. Some important extractions from Henry’s salt-of-the-earth words:

    “They want to remove the voice of opposition. They want to remove the truth; the truth is rippin’ their f**kin’ asses up. It is tearing them clear to pieces.”

    “The jury box is gone. … The ballot box is gone. … Take the f**kin’ soapbox — You know what box that leaves left? That’s right. The cartridge box.”

    “We will define man’s inhumanity to man.”

    “When you stand up for your rights, you’re standin’ up for my f**kin’ rights.”


    1. agree, galen …my favorite: “the truth is rippin’ their f**kin’ asses up. It is tearing them clear to pieces.”

  4. 41 rainy, sleety, crappy!

    Got wet and cold today.

    Pondered putting the thump on the ‘Nudist/Hippy/Certified-Engineer/Block-Head’!

    Glad that I didn’t. And glad can comment today.

    Hope you all are well.

    Will catch today on the archives.

      1. ps: I know our lives are our own, as are our choices, but so are our opinions, and we’ve as much right to them as our choices.


      2. What if I added Trumptard, and Capitalist?


        No thump, sis. Just dreaming.

        Thank you for your good words, but I’m just a happy idiot with enough knowledge to get myself in a world of poop if not careful. 🙂

        1. Trumptard? That’s a whole other confession one can only hope to eavesdrop on. Can’t be. Just can’t be.

          But really, can’t make frivolous, witty remarks on such a serious subject. We all land in poop sometimes. No fun, but somehow we get clean again. Jus’ want you to know I won’t stand idly by while the best of us goes through changes. What are we but brothers and sisters who trust each other and believe in each other, in spite of this just being a virtual thing. Somehow soul seeps through. I insert myself into what is, if it means something to me. I fight for good to expand. You are good. We all are! We just get into trouble sometimes.


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