The Word From the Trenches – October 7, 2019

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18 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – October 7, 2019

  1. the problem is people don’t understand is that we’ve been living under martial law cuz it’s hasn’t been never lift it.

  2. Just “passed” more gun control treason in Ohio. They think they going to get us by going state by state.

    1. Ohio is a strange state, they pay some of the highest wages in the nation right now, but at the same time subjugate the hell out of you. I know people who have moved there because they pay the workers fairly well.

      Not good enough for me, your still a slave..

      1. My state Maine has a garbage economy with high taxes. I think we are ranked as one of the worst economies actually. Still have plenty of woods and a gun friendly culture outside of the one major communist dominated city though. It’s bittersweet. We seem to be a lot like Oregon culturally.

  3. Jus’ had to re-listen to the 2nd half; there was so much jammed in there. Two things jumped out that I find extremely important:

    1) @45:25-51:04: This taught me the difference between a revolution and a peoples’ uprising and gave me a deeper understanding of how the aristocracy hijacked the liberty movement. Oh, how misrepresented the American Revolution has been for over two centuries. Now Henry is untangling it so the truth can be freed and the uprising protected from toxic control-greed.

    2) @ 55:51-56:21: This showed me that the sharing of the land’s resources with the nation’s people while the nation itself is issuing debt-free currency is really what a republic is, and where decent entrepreneurship can flourish. So very different from socialism, where the upper crust decides what’s “shared,” and the corporation thrives.

    The show moved so fast today. These could have been missed, so I had to highlight. And yes, I know it might be old news to some, but for me, today I heard it with deeper understanding.

    Henry, deep thanks.


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