19 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – September 19, 2018

  1. Charlie Walker, I like you too and would have thought by now you’d have pitched in a few dollars to support Henry and Laura’s work that would cost way more than any of us could think of paying.

  2. Thank you Henry for coming up and broadcasting today; great one.
    I hope you are getting the rest and recupe from the tooth situation.

      1. No, Henry is recuperating from writing a mandamus and there has been no dental work, thus the mandamus. The tooth isn’t bothering me at all right now.

        1. Hi Henry,
          I just finished reading the mandamus.
          What can we or (I) do to help?
          If I understand correctly, you are in need of dental work.
          I will be able send another card to you soon with a donation to help with the expenses for the dental work.
          Thank you for all the work you and Laura do to help so many of us.


          1. Ruth,
            I’ve got things squared away. If the tooth goes abscess again, I will drive away from the Klamath County plantation to Jackson County and go to the very hospital where my heart valve was installed 23 years ago. I will be given antibiotics and the oral surgeon will be called in, per proper procedure.
            When I first got the heart valve, when I woke up, I had eleven IVs in my body in the search to find an antibiotic that would stop the infection. I used to carry a card in my wallet that had three separate antibiotics listed on it with heavy dosages. If the first doesn’t work, which it did work, to get rid of the abscess, which could return at any time, I have to go to the second. If the second fails, I go to the third. If the third fails, I die.
            So if I am forced to go to Rogue Valley Medical Center, there is going to be a doctor or two over there who is going to want to know how in the hell I ended up there, having exhausted two sets of antibiotics without being treated.
            It was Rogue Valley Medical Center who dictated the procedures I was to follow, and I have, to the best of my ability, followed every instruction. There will be some real doctors who are going to want to know why. And I will receive treatment, make no mistake.
            I love you for caring, but I feel I have the situation in hand. 🙂

  3. Bummer! 🙁

    Had to put up with the sheeple here at A&W for that much (donuts sold out early).

    I’m going to go get some sun… while we still have some worth getting. Back later, maybe.

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