#1 on Trending – Racism is still a huge problem

Google/YouTube pushes videos onto the trending list, the uploader only has 800+ subs and the video has almost a million views, I’m guessing most of those subs are recent, I’m wondering how a video like this can shoot to first place in 24hrs.

Published on Dec 21, 2016 by Renee Buckner

Lady goes off and say racist remarks to Hispanic for skipping line at mall. Louisville, KY

10 thoughts on “#1 on Trending – Racism is still a huge problem

  1. Yes, racism is a huge problem. I say we need to make Israel much more ethnically and religiously diverse and repeal all laws that discriminate on the basis of such factors.

  2. I didn’t hear any racist comments in the video. She tells the truth. And if you haven’t went to the youtube chan you should see the stupid asses commenting on this…wow. I aint even gonna get into that one. I can only deal with so many assholes at once. And there is over a million hits on this video.
    Think about this though. If the title of the video was changed to “Woman tells illegal alien to get out” how many hits would youtube let them show? Not very many.
    edit, I lied, and I am involved with the comments ahahhaha. I couldn’t stop myself. Here is my comment.
    Umm what racism are you talking about. The woman never said anything about her race. What she did was speak her mind about illegal aliens coming to this country committing a felony crossing the boarder and our politicians giving our country away to them while Americans that were born here have been put into the street by intentionally screwing our country with nafta and gat. I see a lot of stupid asses commenting here. Don’t worry we will deport your asses as well. Right along with every illegal alien.

    1. Good comment, straight and to the point, I read through the comments a little, I’m yet to throw in my two cents.

  3. I too didnt hear or see any racism

    and , even If i did.. people need to understand .. its not illegal to be a racist
    but it is illegal to enter a country , and suck up resources

    as far as the racist comment : suck it up buttercup.. racism is not going away
    either get tuff or die, pansy asses

  4. The uploader only has two videos, there is no way this can be trending without assistance from either Google/YouTube and or Facebook. This video may not even be 24hrs old at this point… How dare the Fake Mainstream Media call our alternative press “fake news”.

      1. It very well could be a troll, but what I do know is that it is not possible for a from a unknown uploader’s video to become this viral this quickly, two or three days maybe, 12-24hours no friggen way. Facebook openly admits to testing people by changing their feed, all facebook and or google needs to do is shove an item in front of us, pad the numbers and poof, flim flam kazzam its viral.

  5. This lady was pussy-footing around. I would have not been so kind and caring, had this foreign invader cut in front of me.

  6. I agree that nothing racist was said in the video. I’m not sure if the line-cutter was actually an illegal, but regardless, she deserved to get yelled at for being rude.

    What I’d like to know is why the dumbass clerk didn’t tell the line-cutter to go to the back of the line and wait like everyone else. He should have taken charge of the situation to prevent the whole scene.

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