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Video shows group climbing border fence

Fox 5 SAN DIEGO — People on the Mexican side of the border could be seen climbing the fence near Border Field State Park Tuesday afternoon after part of the Central American migrant caravan arrived in Tijuana. Several people scaled … Continue reading

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New video shows migrant caravan is ‘organized, well-funded’

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The Last Election: The Plan For America (Info Leak)

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Amazon Echo Home Recordings At Center Of Murder Trial As Judge Orders Data Release

Activist Post – by Nicholas West A new type of court case has been slowly but steadily emerging within the American legal system: alleged crimes being detected from data supplied by smart devices. The very nature of the 1st, 4th … Continue reading

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National facial recognition database to use loyalty rewards to identify American shoppers

MassPrivateI For years, I have been warning people about facial recognition in retail stores, but this story might convince you to avoid retail stores altogether. A recent article in Biometric Update. com (BU) reveals that retail stores have a master plan to … Continue reading

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Case advances against veteran Dayton police officer accused of home break-in

Dayton Daily News – by Richard Wilson DAYTON — UPDATE @ 5:05 p.m.: The Dayton Police Department issued a statement in the criminal case against veteran police Officer Torrence Laprath, accused of home break-in early Sunday: “Officer T. Laprath has been a Dayton … Continue reading

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Gillum & Nelson Lawyers Argue Non-Citizen’s Vote SHOULD Count

Flag and Cross Florida seems to be pulling out all the stops in an attempt to ensure Democrats Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson win their races. Despite conceding on election night, Gillum is back in play for the governorship. Likewise … Continue reading

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Mad Maxine tells Trump to ‘keep his mouth shut’ over California fires

The American Mirror – by Martin Walsh Rep. Maxine Waters, who has criticized President Donald Trump and Republicans for their “rhetoric,” has been cranking up her tone since Democrats won the U.S. House of Representatives last week. During an interview on Sunday … Continue reading

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Israeli fighter jets strike dozens of Gaza targets after 200 rockets rain down on towns

RT Israel has struck over 70 targets in the Gaza Strip, following a massive volley of 200 rockets from the Palestinian enclave. While 60 projectiles were intercepted, others hit the Israeli settlements, causing fires. Two Palestinians have been killed, Gaza’s … Continue reading

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The Americanization of Emily – “War is not moral” clip

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When The Guns Fell Silent: Hear The Eerie Quiet That Followed The End Of WWI

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden On the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, an Armistice was declared that ended what had been, up until that point, the bloodiest conflict in human history. Millions of citizens … Continue reading

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Bombshell News from ICE

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Israeli UN ambassador: Social media is key element in preventing next killing

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Mountain Talk

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AI News Anchor Makes Debut In China

NPR “This is my very first day at Xinhua News Agency,” says a sharply dressed artificial intelligence news anchor. “I look forward to bringing you the brand new news experiences.” China’s Xinhua News Agency has billed the technology as the “world’s first … Continue reading

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Under The Radar: Why Are So Many Nations Going For Gold?

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WOW!! Watch CNN Accidentally Air the TRUTH About the #BORDERLINE “Event” While Lying

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People Burned Alive In Cars Trying To Escape From Paradise CA Wildfire!

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Colonel Ludlow

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