7 thoughts on “100% Proof You Are Being Lied To By Your Government And The Media

    1. What B.S.! I carry an AR pistol in my truck here because it is leagle here (I don’t have a CCW for obvious reasons). It is also handy for hunting BIG hogs on my families ranches west of here. I wish I had some photos of what this little round (standard 5.56 FMJ) does to a 200-350 pound hog. That girl looks spotless compaired to them hogs. I’m talking wound wise; the hogs were way pretier than her……………

      1. With 300 million + gun owners you would think SOME of them would know that a guy claiming to be shot 6 times by an evil black rifle and showing no pain or signs of injury during a press conference 48 hours after is complete bullshit.

        Let alone the multitude of fraud surrounding all of history.

        I know who the liars are. They are in every town and they are all around us. Those on the outer portico of this group are useful window dressing, most of them are not privy to the real inner workings and and thus help perpetuate the deniability, the general populace suffers from a mass delusion, cognitive dissonance, while the aims and goals of this group creep along, slowly boiling the frogs in the pot.

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