1/2/2014 — ☢ ELEVATED LEVELS of Radiation ☢ 59.4CPM in the Snow – St. Louis, Missouri

Published on Jan 2, 2014 by dutchsinse

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Today’s count, 60CPM.

The radiation return from the snow precipitation is returning DOUBLE the normal background amounts. Normal background in this area is approximately 30CPM.

Alert level is 100CPM. Today we are at 59.4CPM and 52.9CPM, plus a steady return on the CDV (civil defense) beta counter.

See the snow test from Mid-December here: 81.4CPMhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFIioK…


This means small particles of radioactive material are indeed coming down in the precipitation. Past tests show around 30CPM in the same spot on a nice day with no precipitation.

Several past snow storms have produced similar results.. from 60CPM to 110CPM !! Last year in 2012, did multiple tests of the snow showing alert levels were reached last year.

See ALL my previous video tests at this location ( and other areas around the United States) here:



Today’s test:

Performed one (double counter) 10 minute count, using two inspector alert geiger counters , and one CDV counter — 100am central time , 01/02/2014 , 1/4 inch from source.

Results :


59.4 CPM (594 total) over the course of 10 minutes on one counter … 52.9 CPM (529 total) on the second counter.

Alert level is normally at 100CPM (1000 total).

Thus we are reaching higher and higher compared to 2011 and 2012 levels… Normal “background” count returns approximaely 20-40CPM level.

I have assembled radiation links from around the world to use here, plus two good charts to show exposure level limits:


special thanks to International Medcom for donating the 2nd Inspector Alert digital Geiger counter: here is the full post with their information ..


convert CPM to uS/v or mS/v here:


4 thoughts on “1/2/2014 — ☢ ELEVATED LEVELS of Radiation ☢ 59.4CPM in the Snow – St. Louis, Missouri

  1. Henry and everyone I have a radiation detector here in Houston and I have normal back ground levels at 10 counts a minute I check it every day


    1. Hi Mark. I check the background levels in my area frequently, too, and it usually comes in about 15 – 20 CPM. But if you go over to http://www.netc.com, the numbers come in much higher. For example, it is now showing Houston as measuring 135 CPM. I’m told that these netc numbers are based on much more sensitive, accurate monitoring. Who knows.

  2. I was just in Saint Louis last night. I can’t get away from this shit. I’m in KC right now, probably just as bad here. Why even bother with a detector, I’ll be wallowing in the stuff regardless.

    Maybe I should just call the Duck Dynasty crew and ask for some duck advice…… They would probably tell me to take an A&E enema.

  3. Well I can’t view the video, but a quick check of the live monitoring sites do not show anything unusual: http://radiationnetwork.com/index.htm So where is he coming up with “elevated” readings? Since I can’t see the video of his “proof”, I don’t know how he faked it except to say it would be easy for me to do (like laying something radioactive on the ground before the snowfall). If this individual wanted to scare us so, why didn’t he make the readings even higher since these appear to be less than twice background readings for his area. I know, so he can save the higher readings for later for greater effect….

    I have taken two readings on different months in nearby Belleville Illinios (right across the river from St. Louis). Both were normal levels of 10uR/hr (about 37 CPM using his units of measure).

    This “tester” doesn’t give me a website from which to check out his other readings or claims so I can’t vouch for this information at all except to say CHECK OUT THE LIVE READINGS YOURSELF! No elevation today.

    It snowed here about 6″ where I am in Michigan right now, so I took my unit and put it on the snow for you for an hour. I placed the pancake probe directly on a pile of snow that I flattened down first since it would have just sunk down in the snow and damaged the unit with snow/water intrusion. Then I placed a plastic tarp over it since it is still snowing here. Averaged results: 9uR/hr (about 34 CPM using his units of measure). I can repeat this test in Fort Wayne tomorrow for you, but I guarantee the results will be the same, because there can be no other outcome! Because, the only real test to be scientifically accurate with snowfall/rainfall is the use of a mass spectrometer.

    I really don’t have the time to go to St. Louis and prove this guy is wrong (again), I will get back there again soon enough and post them on my website as I have with all the other readings: http://forbiddenknowledge.info/radiation.html

    BUT, if anyone is so concerned about their locale, I will come to their location and do live testing – for an expenses fee if I don’t have an upcoming show in that area. OR, if your viewers want to come up with the money for a Mass Spectrometer (prices start at about 100k), I can do around-the-US testing with that as well (oh yeah, we will need a trailer to haul it around too).

    Since you are probably capable of watching videos, watch this if you dare, it will throw a huge curve ball in all the crap of doom and gloom you are hearing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejCQrOTE-XA

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