1841-1845: President John Tyler vs The Rothschild Bankers

Tomato Bubble – by Mike King

When it comes to ranking presidents, the “consensus” of the egghead historians of American academia generally ranks the 20th Century’s most loyal puppets of the New World Order banking Mafia very high, and the proponents of limited government and “hard currency” very low. A 2017 C-Span survey, for example, ranked the following scoundrels in the top 15 of 43 (Trump not included, Grover Cleveland, who served unconnected terms, only counted once):  

Franklin D. Roosevelt: 3rd / Teddy Roosevelt: 4th / Harry Truman: 6th / Dwight Eisenhower: 5th / Lyndon Baines Johnson: 10th / Woodrow Wilson: 11th /  Obongo: 12th  / Bill Clinton: 15th

Bringing up the rear were folks like anti-Globalist Warren Harding (40th), Great Depression “fall guy” Herbert Hoover (36th) and some “no-names” like Millard Filmore (37th), Franklin Pierce (41st) and James Buchanan (43rd).

Coming in at an appalling 39th (5th worse) was President John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States. Historians may have nothing good to say about Tyler, but after stumbling across his “failed” 1841-1845 presidency while researching the post-Jackson years for our new book, Andrew the Great (here), we learned some things about this historical “diamond-in-the-rough” — a very brave man who, in spite of his lack of name recognition, we must now rank among America’s best Presidents.

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