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Symptoms of Election Overdose of Lies PTSD

It is normal to have stress reactions after a traumatic event. Your emotions and behavior can change in ways that are upsetting to you. Even though most people have stress reactions following a trauma, they get better in time. But, … Continue reading

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Trump Appears to Soften on Deporting Thousands of Young Immigrants

New York Times – by AMY CHOZICK WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump on Wednesday appeared to soften his stance on whether to deport the more than 700,000 young people who entered the country illegally as children and were permitted … Continue reading

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Israeli Army men have one of the world’s highest life expectancies

New York Post – by Yaron Steinbuch Israelis in the army can toast l’chaim to their military service, which may be adding years to their lives, according to a new study. Israeli men enjoy one of the world’s highest life … Continue reading

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112-Year-Old Woman Has Smoked for 95 Years and is Still Going Strong

SOTT Batuli Lamichhane is 112 years old. She’s smoked about 30 cigarettes a day for 95 years. She lives in the hills of Nuwakot, Nepal and despite what her ID says locals believe she could be as old as 114. … Continue reading

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Customs and Border chief: Migrant surge not letting up

Star Telegram DONNA, TEXAS The surge of Central American families seeking asylum at U.S. borders is not letting up, Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske said Wednesday after touring a temporary holding facility in the Rio Grande Valley set up … Continue reading

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Georgia officer killed, second wounded in shooting near university

Reuters A young Georgia police officer was shot and killed and a second critically injured while responding to a report of a domestic dispute on Wednesday near a university campus in the southwestern part of the state, officials said. Officers … Continue reading

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Democrats call for 9/11-style commission to probe election hacks

Yahoo News Two House Democrats called Wednesday for the creation of a bipartisan national commission — modeled after the one that investigated the Sept. 11 terror attacks — to investigate foreign interference in the 2016 election. But President-elect Donald Trump said Wednesday that he still … Continue reading

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An Amusement Piece for the Trenchers

I received an email from David Haggith, the author of  Trump: Trojan, Traitor, or Tried and True? which was posted this morning on the Trenches and wants us to post more of his articles. The reason I posted it is because … Continue reading

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“A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.” – John Burroughs

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The History of Pearl Harbor – The Bones of “Station H”

What Really Happened On November 24th, 1941, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto sent a radio message to Admiral Chuichi Nagumo, Commander of the Pacific Striking Fleet, which read in part, “The task force, keeping its movement strictly secret and maintaining close guard … Continue reading

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Russia says U.S. bill will restrict its diplomats, pledges retaliation

Reuters Russia said on Wednesday it would restrict the ability of U.S. diplomats based in Moscow to travel if a pending U.S. bill that would do the same to Russian diplomats in the United States entered into force. The intelligence … Continue reading

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UConn President Releases Plan to Protect Illegal Immigrants on Campus

Breitbart – by Dr. Susan Berry The president of the University of Connecticut says her school is already a “sanctuary campus” for illegal immigrants, even though she admits it is illegal to call it that. “Though the term has been defined and … Continue reading

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Trump: Trojan, Traitor, or Tried and True?

The Great Recession Blog – by David Haggith I risked losing my fellow anti-establishment readers in September by suggesting Trump may be an establishment Trojan horse. After seeing Trump choose Pence as VP and a Goldman Sachs exec as campaign finance … Continue reading

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1,000s of geese die after landing in toxic waters of Montana pit mine

RT Thousands of snow geese died after landing in the toxic waters of an old open-pit copper mine in Butte, Montana. The migrating birds were forced to land in Berkeley Pit on November 28 by severe winter weather. Mark Thompson, … Continue reading

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Donald Trump named TIME Person of the Year for 2016

RT Donald Trump has been named TIME magazine’s Person of the Year. Trump sees off former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, the Flint whistleblowers and Russian President Vladimir Putin.  

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As Syrian troops gain ground, Aleppo rebels propose truce BEIRUT (AP) — Staring a punishing and brutal defeat in the face, several Syrian rebel factions on Wednesday proposed a five-day cease-fire in the eastern part of the city of Aleppo so the wounded, sick and other civilians can … Continue reading

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Frantic rescue underway in Indonesia as quake kills scores MEUREUDU, Indonesia (AP) — A strong earthquake rocked Indonesia’s Aceh province early Wednesday, killing nearly 100 people and sparking a frantic rescue effort in the rubble of dozens of collapsed and damaged buildings. Maj. Gen. Tatang Sulaiman, chief of … Continue reading

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Denzel Washington blasts media for selling ‘BS’

The Hill – by Judy Kurtz He was at the center of a fake news story, but Denzel Washington says it’s the mainstream media that’s selling “BS.” “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read it, … Continue reading

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In mammoth task, BP sends almost three million barrels of U.S. oil to Asia

Reuters – by Florence Tan SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Oil major BP BP.L is shipping almost three million barrels of U.S. crude to customers across Asia, pioneering a lengthy and complex operation likely to become more popular after OPEC last week announced … Continue reading

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Welcome To 2030. I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy, And Life Has Never Been Better

World Events and the Bible WEB Notes: This article is from the World Economic Forum and playing on what life will be like in the year 2030. Read all of it from the source. This is exactly what the globalists … Continue reading

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