2019 Congressional Calendar

Meanwhile, the American worker they parasite off of, get one day off for Thanksgiving and one day off for Christmas, then it is back to the sweatshops to pay those unlawful taxes so the corporate elite can enjoy their lives. 

3 thoughts on “2019 Congressional Calendar

  1. Yellow-both chambers in session

    blue-senate only in session

    greenish color-house only in session

    No wonder people want to be a senator or congressman. So many days off and still getting paid.

  2. and the evenings of the days they are ‘in session’ are filled with dinners/parties/orgies which include trafficked sex slaves usually involving minors

  3. Hey, treason takes a lot out of you. And besides, it takes time for them to write the scripts, get their parts down and then play them out. This shite don’t write itself ya know?

    Somebody pass me a baby. ..

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