Need to Know

No comment necessary. Some facts speak for themselves. If you are not familiar with the World Economic Forum, they are the elites who boast that, by 2035, they intend to rule the world and make sure that you will own nothing. Continue reading “Ivanka Trump, a “Young Global Leader” at the World Economic Forum”

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

As Putin geared up to take Ukraine, Democrat and Republican congress members were busy partying in Israel on an all-expenses-paid AIPAC-affiliated junket to affirm their “unwavering support” for America’s “great ally” — even though Israeli officials have made it abundantly clear they will not be participating in any war over Ukraine, lest it jeopardize Israel’s close relationship with Russia. Continue reading “Democrat And Republican Congress Members Party in Israel As Putin Moves to Take Ukraine”

I just got the notification an hour ago that my medications are ready to be picked up.

Sorry to miss another day but we are going to get this thing straightened out.

This picture is for those of you who think you need to pity me.  I love you for caring about me, but I’m not some wrinkled up old man sitting in an easy chair with the heaviest thing I’m lifting being a laptop.

The day is near when we will stand side by side and drive the lawless fascist communist criminals out of our country and enforce our people’s absolute ratified law of December 15, 1791.

Be talking to you tomorrow.