28 thoughts on “25 Extremely Disturbing Facts You Wish You Didn’t Know

  1. Ahhh #10. Nazi experiments. The never ending trove of “documented” atrocities. I have searched endlessly for photos of surgical scars that were the result of medical experimentation in the camps and just can’t seem to find any on survivors, despite the countless stories that have been told. Any advice would be helpful in finding them? 🙂 As for #6, I think the Japanese may have already known Bush Sr. would only leave a bad taste in your mouth!

      1. Ha! Hey #1, that one bothered me too! Eating it by the spoonful has its own guilty little pleasure but maybe that’s why it’s a high protein food?

        1. Not too thrilled about the insect parts/fragments, but rodent hairs are where I have to draw the line, Martist.

          That’s major disgusting.

          1. Agreed. Few things worse than a hair stuck in yer throat. Can’t blame the rats for wanting to swim in it though. If I had a giant pool of peanut butter I would be tempted to go for a swim too!

  2. The FDA allow so many parts per 《pick your number》 in all processed foods. If you want something that will really turn your stomach, beware of “natural vanilla flavoring”. If it does not say extract and vanilla bean, it is derived from beaver anal gland secretions. Seriously, look it up. Your favorite ice cream may contain beaver ass.

  3. Wow! The plane that crashed on a Japanese island had 9 people and only 1 of them survived the cannibalists and that was George Bush Sr. Was he just lucky or did he have a hand (no pun intended) in it all?

    Nothing says a Satanist like George Bush Sr. And I thought Hitlery did a lot of Satanic shit in her spare time.

        1. Haha Happy meals are only good if you get the ones with heroin in them(don’t know if you ever saw that article). You have to be on drugs to enjoy that crap!

  4. Hahaha lol, NC. He looks like he’s eaten a few recently and never skipped a meal. On a different note, it really is nice to see so much activity here recently. Yeah, I lurked in the shadows here for a while assessing the climate here before ever commenting and I truly believe this is the truest forum out there. Is everyone else COINTELPRO or Mockingbird or is it just me? Jeeeez

    1. Yea I know what you mean. This is the only site I go to nowadays. It is the only one where I can communicate with people who actually know what the hell is going on and where the site doesn’t censor your comments and where your opinion and articles are valued and posted. Everyone on here has their head on straight basically. Glad to have you aboard, Martist.

      I’ve written and posted a few articles in the past, but Jolly Roger and Mark Shumacher, and many others do a much better job. If you have any articles you want to post or even write yourself and post, just send them to Henry’s email address and most of the time he will post them. So don’t hesitate.

      After all, this is We the People’s website as Henry puts it. We are all involved in making it better and spreading the word and getting the information out ASAP. So feel free to contribute. We are all in this together and strive to be updated on the latest news and events effecting the lives of each and everyone of us every day.

  5. You speak so tall that your feet touch the ground, NC. I have come to the conclusion that this is the case. Henry does a great job keeping an eye on things but doesn’t censor opinion. We all seem to have a healthy outlook on what freedom is here and that is what the American way is truly about. I can’t tell you what being welcomed here by you as well as many of the others truly means to me because I have never taken the time to add my two cents onto a site or board but this has been the only one worthy. There is a very real comradery here and that is what we all need. Never met you in person, but you are my brother in how you speak. You do it quite well, no worries about that. Say it with rage, say it with conviction, but if it comes from your heart we already know it comes from both. A great bunch here and I am more than happy to stand, or lay, side by side. Well done, man.

        1. Ha! Oh God. Sounds like hell. Like they’ve never been wet before? They ever try driving like a sane human being or is that too much to ask?!

          1. You forget that we’re in the worst drought (HAARP) in 500 years (HAARP) according to one recent article posted here. Rain has been extremely scarce (HAARP) the last few years (HAARP).

            Not that it really matters as far as some of these clowns are concerned. At any given time, a good 10 – 15% of them on the road shouldn’t even be allowed anywhere NEAR a car, let alone drive one.

            Rain OR shine.

  6. A drought you say? I went in to my shop on my day off yesterday to suck 80 gallons of water out of it. Am I missing something? Had a chat with my mom about HAARP this morning btw. She’s 73 but awakening. Never too old!:)

      1. btw, what NC said goes for me too. This is the only site I post on anymore, and has been for some time now.

        Why waste my time with anything less than the best?

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