4409 — 15 Cops Viciously Attack 3 men Claim Stress as Excuse

Published on Feb 19, 2013 by RP4409

READ THIS: Six of the officers will be given restitution in the form of pay, overtime, benefits and pension payments for all the time they missed since their reprimand, Police Comm. Charles Ramsey said. Sgt. Schiavone’s demotion was also overturned.

Officers Patrick Whalen and Robert Donnelly were rookies at the time of the incident and will not automatically get their jobs back, according to Comm. Ramsey. They can reapply for the job, though. “I don’t agree with the decision, but it is decision of the arbitrator and I respect that,” Comm. Ramsey said.

A 2009 grand jury also found that the officers’ actions did not warrant criminal charges. The three alleged suspects were also acquitted of charges related to the shooting.

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One thought on “4409 — 15 Cops Viciously Attack 3 men Claim Stress as Excuse

  1. That`s a good one ‘they were stressed out”. Tell that to a damn cop if he see`s you smoking a joint along side a river bank because you are stressd out, or having a few beers while fishing . The damned pig will wait for you to get in your car and then arrest you for splittin` a six pack with one or two buddies. Yea, my ass these cops were stressed out – these cops were hopped up on steroids!……………..P.S. Each one of those pigs should be fired and those not fired should be put on suspension W/O pay. and put on foot patrol .

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