500 to 600 people died in London tower fire: DJ Isla

LiveLeak Occurred On: Jun-17-2017  By: PressTV

Angry and emotional resident says aid effort for Grenfell Tower victims is in vain because they are all dead and no one will admit it, least of all the authorities.
Read more at https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1ed_1497709636#yIDUz7KoMvVxCiEx.99

Press TV Story:

8 thoughts on “500 to 600 people died in London tower fire: DJ Isla

    1. Does anyone shed a tear over the 100,000 Whites (mostly women and children) murdered in South Africa since 1995? Does the Jewish media even report the genocide there?

  1. I seen a plane hit it… Not a total loss, 6million jews died. The pilots passport shows he had ties to neonazi groups.

  2. I guess that makes us still #1.
    They have another 2400 lives to go.
    We’re on the winning team.

    Keeping Amerika great….

    Well at least in our kill ratio of innocent victims.

    Look at the bright side.

    They could have burned it and dropped depleted uranium too.

  3. One interesting note. It looks like copper waterline in the completely burnt out apartment. What does that tell you about steel melting and the inevitable collapse of a building with fires like this?
    It tells me that it can never get hot enough.

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