6 year old girl who is blind and autistic plays guitar for the first time

Aug 11, 2018
Lacie is blind and autistic, when she hears the sound of the music coming from Grimsby busker TenkCliff she is drawn to the music, and her Grandmother seeing her excitement wheels her over to where the busker is playing what happens next will have you in tears of joy,

11 thoughts on “6 year old girl who is blind and autistic plays guitar for the first time

  1. Wow. The miracle of music helps to heal all the madness they’ve perpetrated upon us. That beautiful child knows the magic. Thanks, Norm, for this Sunday blessing.


    1. I saw this while listening to some Soft Rock, while I was touched by it deeply, all I could think of is why the fk this child and so many like her develop autism all around the same time after these fkn vaccines schedules they pump our babies with.

      And we know this is the cause, whoever ends up surviving this coming Restoration of our nation must uncover the identities of every single SOB involved in these pharmaceutical crime syndicates and get some swift trials and plenty of rope.

      1. I had the same hit, Norm; that’s what I meant by the “madness.” This crime against humanity and humanity’s most innocent will reap the dire consequences it deserves. And still, I’m glad music is there for her.


      2. Exactly my first thought…..vaccines.

        I have a client who told me her daughter brought her 2 kids in for their ‘requirements’. 2 hours after getting home, the boy, 2, started smacking his head on the walls and floors. He is now full-blown autistic. The daughter, 3, seemed to escape it, but only time and age will tell.

        And now we have a proud eugenicist leading the medical field/vaxx development and EVERYONE is listening to? The same guy who’s vaxx’s KILLED more than he helped in Africa – but was never held accountable?

        Oh. Okay……

        Beautiful but heartbreaking vid.

  2. my adopted sister Anne had autism, she was amazingly gifted with facts and such, a memory like you wouldnt believe, one of gods angels, autism is a strange condition. Many types of autism.

    She died from cancer, she had many shots as a child. Shes in a much better place now…

    she knew she was different, really hard to deal with as a family, very difficult.

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