6 Yr Old Shoots His 1st Grade Teacher. “Our Students Got A Lesson In Gun Violence”…No Kidding?

Jim Crenshaw

January 7th, 2023.

“Our students got a lesson in gun violence” What a stupid thing to say. Will they be given a pop shot quiz on this particular extracurricular activity? If they flunk the test will they be taken out to the rifle range for their homework? The world is not going to hell…it has arrived.

In this shooting incident, the admitted teacher suffered life-threatening injuries, where every possible effort is being made by medics to save her. According to the police, after the teacher’s reprimand, the child present in class 1 opened fire on her.

A safe learning environment for all students yada yada yada…gonna frisk all of them down to pre school every day? Metal detectors at the kindergarten? Learning environment? No more like slave training environment. What a joke.

Or was this one big psyop? We shall see.

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