$600K stolen from Joel Osteen’s Lakewood church in Houston


Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, was robbed of more than half a million dollars Sunday.

Authorities say $600,000 in cash, checks and credit card donations were discovered missing and presumed stolen sometime between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

KRIV reports all $600,000 in donations were collected during church services Saturday and Sunday and then placed in a safe. But online donations are safe – the theft did not include any online data breaches.  

According to Lakewood Church, the money lost in the theft is insured but the bigger problem might come from churchgoers who donated with their credit card information.

According to KHOU, ‘There is an insurance policy on its collections so they are not expected to lose money. However, you can if your identity was stolen.’

Lakewood released a statement Monday after the theft, which said in part: ‘We were heartbroken to learn today that funds were stolen. If you made a contribution … we would encourage you to pay close attention to your accounts.’

According to Outreach Magazine, Lakewood is the largest church in America with an average weekly attendance of more than 43,000 members.


4 thoughts on “$600K stolen from Joel Osteen’s Lakewood church in Houston

  1. poor guy. Now he wont be able to get that new Bentley.
    People say this guy doesn’t take a salary, but what they don’t say is he borrows money from the church to write and publish his books. He then gives them the money back with interest and he keeps the rest. Someone need to go in there and flip the tables and start whipping the money changers.

    1. “Life Church” via Satellite is also a great money maker. They pipe in the preacher to cities all over using radiowaves and big screen projectors. People pack the building to sit in folding chairs and then make their donation (sort of like confession). The church has several “services” on Saturday and Sunday, not to mention Wednesday. The more services, the more this low overhead scam can make. Praise Jesus!!!!

  2. unbelievable how many people soak that pretty preaching up and pay to do it. just don’t get it . never will.

  3. IF he’s truly a man of God, he should do the obvious thing.

    Pray about it, and ask God to reveal who the thief is.

    btw, how many people had access?

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