$9.63 a gallon: She sells the country’s most expensive gas and doesn’t ‘give a diddle’

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MENDOCINO — The cliffside town of Mendocino has long been known for its rugged coastline and quaint bed and breakfasts drawing sightseers from around the country. But lately, tourists are flocking to a new attraction in the seaside hamlet north of San Francisco for something you won’t find on the chamber of commerce’s can’t-miss list. 

“We’re live in Mendocino, California, and we’re at the station that has the highest gas in America,” Ernest Walker, visiting from Texas on Thursday, told his friends on a Facebook livestream after pulling up to the pump at Judy Schlafer’s Chevron station on Main Street — not to fill up but to snap a photo of the price tag.

“That’s right guys,” he said while pointing his phone at the ticker for premium gas. “Bam! $9.94 per gallon.”

A gallon of regular is only 31 cents cheaper.

Walker’s wife Debbie said their son who is a recent UC Davis graduate warned them about the station so they filled up for $3 a gallon cheaper nine miles away in Fort Bragg. “Mothers are trying to figure out their next gas bill.”

Pics and the rest is here: https://www.mercurynews.com/2022/06/18/9-63-a-gallon-she-sells-the-countrys-most-expensive-gas-and-doesnt-give-a-diddle/

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  1. Step 1 – get every local glass contractor on board with 100k per window replacement cost.

    Step 2 – break glass.


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