A Few Reasons I Came To Disbelieve The Holocaust Storyline

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This is only a beginning. I know how tough it is to disbelieve this lie which has been brainwashed into our heads. But when I finally looked at the evidence (explained here pretty well), I realized that the only thing that supports the lie is “witness accounts” (forensics and physical evidence do not). And as time goes by, many of those accounts have been proved to be myths, distortions, vain imaginations, camp hoaxes, or outright lies , some lies by friends and associates of presidents and leaders of the world.

Couple that with the fact that every Jew I have  ever had any contact with has shown themselves to be liars, thieves and supremacist assholes, then I have no reason to believe that witness accounts of Jews are trustworthy. Further, if you look into confession accounts, you realize that these were elicited by torture and testicle crushing techniques and hardly trustworthy.    

Real physical evidence (like the thousands of autopsies done on camp “victims”), shows no support of the death camp claims. No bodies have ever shown the tale-tell signs of red skin discoloration (a sign of gassing). To the contrary, the autopsies showed that the deaths came mainly from disease. No massive graves have ever been unearthed (the ones that were have actually been shown to be killed by Bolshevik Jews and blamed on Germans; ie, the Katyn Massacre).

The most difficult aspect for me was understanding the American eyewitness claims of death camps. Dr Doug and I discussed this many times because he had an uncle that claimed he had witnessed the camps.

It seems that what they saw and what they were told they were seeing is the confusion. Many did see bodies piled up (in a great deal of examples, however, it was done for effect by the Allies AFTER liberation). It really is moot, though, because most researchers will now admit that there were no death camps with gas chambers in Germany. It has been revised to show that the death camps were in Poland. Therefore, there were no Americans to witness gas chambers or mass victims of gassings because it was the Soviets that “liberated” the Polish camps).

But funny thing, even the Polish death camps cannot keep their numbers straight.

If a video is more your style, this is a good one (it is so good that Youtube has constantly revised the number of views, which at one time was well over 250,000).

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5 thoughts on “A Few Reasons I Came To Disbelieve The Holocaust Storyline

  1. I don’t see anything anti-semitic in this article, only honest opinions based on personal experience. And to think that in some parts of the world, persons can go to jail for doubting the holocaust, in spite of all this evidence clearly contradicting the Jewish versions.

  2. As I read, this, the light is getting low, so I turned on my lamp, which has a shade made out of Jew skin. Later, when I get ready to sleep in my bed, which has a mattress filled with Jew hair, I’ll first take a shower using soap made out of Jew ashes.

    Before falling asleep, I’ll read another chapter of Anne Frank’s book. There’s nothing like a BS yarn filled with tall tales to make me sleepy!

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