A Life of One’s Own? — Fugget About It!

Small Thoughts for a Complex World – by C. Jeffery Small

“Citizenship demands a sense of common cause; participation in the hard work of self-government; an obligation to serve our communities.”

—Barack Obama – 2014 State of the Union Address

Tick … Tick … Tick … Tick …  

Behind the scenes, the gears continue to turn slowly but continuously, always working to advance the progressive agenda. While Obama acts as the carney—the front man for our dark national circus—constantly repeating lies until they become accepted by many as though they were simple facts, there is an army operating in the shadows, often financed with our tax dollars, busily planning how to further exert control over our lives.

While explicitly contravening the Declaration of Independence, our president stands on the national stage and asserts that you are not sovereign over your life, liberty and property. He states that your citizenship is not a right, but an obligation—a debt that must be repaid to your master, the state. And how does he intend to collect? Well, confiscation of property through increased taxes and ever expanding regulations is certainly one method, but insufficient in that it only asserts control over the material side of existence, leaving the spiritual realm unconstrained. The essence of Ellsworth Toohey residing within Obama and most other politicians, seeks to control the very souls of men, enslaving them to their purpose. And the best way to accomplish this is by initiating a program of national service—voluntary at first, but what, in the end, will be a mandate for all. And in accordance with his now famous proclamation, “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone,” for the most part, this will be accomplished outside of the legislative purview of Congress.

In the past I have often discussed the federal tactic of bribing states into mandating compulsory community service for public school children of all ages, through a program known as Service Learning. Some of the better articles may be found here. This educational indoctrination is one of the major beachheads in the progressive’s playbook.

In an article titled, Answering the State of the Union’s Call to Citizenship, Tara Maller, the associate director for strategic communications at the Aspen Institute’s Franklin Project, reveals another significant approach for transmuting Obama’s dream into reality. Here are some excerpts from Maller’s missive:

Service is not just the responsibility of our men and women in uniform or those serving at diplomatic posts overseas; it is a responsibility that falls on each and every one of us.

The Franklin Project’s mission is designed to help institutionalize this responsibility and transform the way young Americans — and our nation at large — view national service. Essentially, we aim to make national service a rite of passage for all young Americans.

The Franklin Project is working with partner organizations, higher education, the private sector and the government to build national service capacity in the United States. As part of this effort, we’ll be working on an online technology platform, creating a national service certification system and pushing for significant increases in the number of one-year national service opportunities in our country for young Americans between the ages of 18 to 28. This campaign will not only transform the lives of the individuals who serve, but it has the potential to help rebuild our economy, instill a sense of civic duty in young Americans, build leadership skills, and foster a greater sense of giving back — both domestically and globally.

National service is not just about our nation, but it is also about our place in the world. The benefits of national service do not end at our own borders.

These programs have the potential to foster a greater sense of global citizenship.

The state of our union will be a lot stronger when future presidents can speak about a real transformation in national civilian service here at home and not simply lofty ideals about what citizenship demands of us. 

[Emphasis added]

I have written previously regarding the Franklin Project, and looking at their home page we find the following statement:

We’re working for a future in which serving the nation, either in the military or as a civilian, simply becomes an expected—and, thus, accepted—rite of passage into adulthood. It is not a hard future to imagine: All Americans wouldchoose to serve some time in the decade between when they are 18 and 28. Their service would be voluntary—not legally required—but instead culturally mandatoryNo one would dare not have an answer if every conversation started with, “Where did you serve?” 

[Emphasis added]

Voluntary? Unbelievable. Another case of the Big Lie writ large!

Government is a repository of force. Voluntary programs are not “institutionalized” and they certainly do not involve a “national service certification (i.e., registration) system“! To call these programs “voluntary” is precisely equivalent to when Harry Reid tells us that paying our income tax is “voluntary“.

And notice the bait-and-switch involved with equating a program of national service with being a good “global citizen“. This effort has nothing to do with our nation and everything to do with the establishment of a unified and collectivized world government under the auspices of the United Nations.

Finally, let us not ignore the Orwellian threat that no one would dare “choose” to forgo their “voluntary” period of enslavement to national service. If ever there was “an offer that can’t be refused,” this would certainly qualify! Make no mistake, here we are looking directly into the face of pure evil — fully self-aware of its intent and consequences.

It is through the Corporation for National & Community Service that the majority of these service programs are organized and funded. During the past five years this program has received somewhere in the neighborhood of $5.4 billion in taxpayer dollars to fund this push for national service. You might like to contact your state Senators and Representative and let them know what you think about how your money is being spent.

In addition, the Franklin Project is being sponsored by the following private corporations. Where available, contact information is provided should you like to give any of them some personal feedback.

Target [800-440-0680]
JP Morgan Chase [212-270-6000]
Accenture [877-889-9009]
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Burson Marsteller [212-614-4522]
Laura Heller Lauder
Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund [212-792-9900]
Hauptman Family Foundation
Case Foundation [202-467-5788]
Entertainment Industry Foundation [424-283-3600]
Nomi Bergman
State Farm [309-766-2311]
S.D. Bechtel Foundation [415-284-8675]
MCJ Amelior Foundation [973-540-9148]
Cisco Systems [800-553-6387]

The advance towards enslavement continues. Organizations such as the Aspen Institute, funded by private corporations, are working day in, day out to ensure that the ability to control our own destiny is eliminated and that the will of every individual is bent to the dictates of the collective state. The only thing capable of stopping this relentless march is for enough people to stand up and say NO!Say NO! to the corporations and foundations that fund these operations. Say NO! to the local school boards and organizations that implement them. Say NO! to the neighbors who promote these ideas. And say NO! to the politicians who believe that they have the right to substitute their thoughts and desires in place of our own. Do not remain silent and recede into the background. Instead, become a visible presence and a powerful voice for the principles of individualism and personal freedom.


10 thoughts on “A Life of One’s Own? — Fugget About It!

  1. These commie bastards are making me sick. I guess now they want us to “volunteer” to work on the community collective farm. This is Obama’s revenge against white people. He wants all of us picking cotton on his plantation because it’s our fault that he was born black.

    Are Americans really so brain-dead they can’t see this?

    And make no mistake; these tyrants won’t stop until their heads are detached.

    1. Jolly Roger,
      “Are Americans really so brain-dead they can’t see this?”

      yeah they are that dumb. They wont wake up until they are at the ditch with the cold barrel of a glock .40 against their heads. Then they will ask why?

  2. They deserve to be at the ditch And have no right to ask why as they are the ones that let this happen. Because of their complacency is why they will feel cold steel at the back of their heads. I have no sympathy for these people, I just hope they dug the ditch deep enough.

    1. Amen REDHORSE. They have had plenty of opportunity to wake the hell up and have chosen their fate.

      I picked up an RCBS. RC-130 manual scale over the weekend. They didn’t have the good one, but at least I found one. Thanks for the advice on the scales.

  3. We don’t have to wish the willfully ignorant and blissfully unaware to be digging their own graves…it will happen (and like the saying goes be careful what you wish for)…it’s the attitude of “let ’em get shot in the head” that bothers me. So, you folks that ‘wish’ this will not try to do everything in your power to save these folks who are about to get shot? Are you like the elites, who couldn’t care less about these people, so let ’em get shot just because they are too afraid to not conform? That is why I refuse to join a movement…having once been a supporter of the Republic of Texas movement under Rick McLaren, I will not support anyone who wants to replace one set of oppressor with another. Yes, the willful ignorance pisses me off, too, but it seems this pissed-off-ness is misdirected…and don’t forget–what goes around comes around.

    1. DL,
      It is not that I wish them to get shot. It is just that they have all had the same opportunity to wake up that we have. They chose to bury their heads in the sand and do nothing to prepare for what is coming. If afforded the opportunity, I would stop the people that wish to kill them, but I am not going to put my family or friends in harms way to attempt to save someone who called me nuts for knowing the truth. I don’t wish death on anyone except the communist who are trying to kill us. 🙂

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