A picture sure is worth alot of words


Confessions of a College Professor

The above map, from here, really demonstrates how completely insane higher education has become.

That’s a map of highest paid public employees, by state.

State by state, every state, the highest paid public employee is in higher education. Not the governor, not a senator, not some life-saver…but someone in higher education.

Yes, most of it is coaches, so I guess the time for me to talk about the immense fraud of college athletics draws nigh…but the fact remains, higher education is a system of plunder, devoid of integrity. All the money poured into higher education has not gone to education, or to educators.

And the picture tells the tale.


3 thoughts on “A picture sure is worth alot of words

  1. How funny our sheriff here, Mike Neustrom, is a former coach. A democrat and his wife was an abstracter like I am. I grew up with 2 of their daughters, snobby little shits. My mother took over his wife’s job when she retired. She did not retire, he won the sheriff seat and she quit working, because my line of work we are self employed, no benefits. They have been planting their agenda for years, now its all coming to light. Will you fight? I will.

  2. Around 1903 or so, give or take, the rockefellers began taking over the education system mass. They started with the universities. Now that the universities have been taken over, they are focusing on the elementary schools.
    They did the same thing with healthcare. You all know what I am getting at here, I dont need to write a novel for learned guys/gals.

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