8 thoughts on “A Very Easy Way For People To Protect Themselves – Don’t Talk To Cops Explained

  1. Please, and I sincerely mean this, excuse my ignorance here; I’m just looking for an answer.

    So if Blackwater infringes and you’re standing there innocent, and they try to cuff you, you just let ’em? Or you resist and…

    Maybe each instance is a judgement call, but the idea of being cuffed when I did nothing wrong is beyond horrible.


    1. Galen, only a fool would get themselves hurt or killed in a gesture that can cause no affect.
      Assert your rights, but it is not up to you as a woman to fight two 220 pound steroid sucking blackwater thugs. Secure your safety, then do whatever you can that will cause them the most harm.
      The fact is our women should not be being put in any situation like this. It is the fault of we men that our women, children, and old people are not safe upon our land.
      Each instance is a judgement call, but the women in this country should be taking a long hard look at their men, as it is nature for the man to protect the woman and to avenge any attack upon her, the children, and the old and feeble.
      Best I can do.

      1. I understand now, Henry, thank you. It was just the damn idea of being in cuffs – brought out the rebellious teenager in me. Often I have had to learn to not bite off my nose to spite my face.



        1. The handcuffs are the least of it. These sycophants kill men, women, and children for fun. The more defenseless the victim, the greater the rush.

  2. hasn’t happened to me …yet…. I carry copies of Henry’s awesome CD: ‘Bill of Rights/ Common Law Explained’ ….never let a good opportunity for education go to waste 🙂

    lawyers? of course they don’t want you to say anything….they want you to call them…..if they’re so concerned about us why don’t they push people to know the Ratified Law (rhetorical question, I know)?

  3. I actually live in a place where that’s easy to do.

    They don’t really go out of their way to harass people here… don’t like to write tickets, and really hate arresting people, since there’s no real jail here. They have to drive them clear to Albany to jail them, and they really don’t like to (I know all this from listening to the scanner at someone’s house).

    Damn near ‘Andy Griffith’ here, but I’m not complaining.

  4. When I was five years old, two police officers came to our door and asked my father to step out of the house for a discussion with them. When his feet hit the sidewalk, they jumped him, beat him, cuffed him, and threw him into their car. They let him out of jail the next morning, as he was not the hit and run driver that they were looking for. He limped home the two miles from jail, and later paid for back surgery out of his own pocket. I watched, and the distrust of the cops was burned into my brain.

    1. Wow, that’s quite a story. Was there no notion to sue their butts? Even in the corrupt courts, there’s occasionally some compensation. I guess it ain’t easy to go up against them, but sometimes it’s worth a try.

      Anyhow, you got an important lesson early on. Sorry about your dad’s suffering.


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