Aborted Human Fetus in YOUR Food!

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Biotech companies have been using aborted human fetal cells for testing the effectiveness of different flavoring agent in their products. Last year the news came out that a biotech company in CA called Senomyx has been using aborted human fetal cells in foods and beverages.

A pro-life watchdog group called Children of God for Life (CGL) has been calling the marketing scheme of thebiotech companies deceptive and use of aborted human fetal cells unethical and immoral. Debi Vinnedge, the director of CGL in an interview mentions that why the biotech doesn’t come out clean and tell the public that they are using human embryonic kidney cells (HEK-293) taken from aborted babies to produce human taste receptors?  

The HEK 293 is the code for aborted human kidney cells that are used to generate taste receptors that can stimulate a type of protein known as G protein familiar to human’s taste.

Beside Synomyx, PepsiCo also continues to use aborted human fetal cells in their drinks. Last year the shareholders of PepsiCo signed a petition that required the company to adopt ethical ways to enhance the natural flavoring of their drinks and stop using human aborted fetuses. However, the Obama administration shut down the proposal and gave their blessing to PepsiCo to continue the use of aborted babies as flavor enhancer in their drinks which means business as usual.

In an interview Debi Vinnedge, the director of CGL also mentions how the biotech has taken the whole thing into a new level by even exploiting the aborted fetuses for profit.

Based on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the dead human tissues are also found in flu vaccines beside other substances like aluminum, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate (MSG), mercury andantibiotics.

PepsiCo, Nestles, Kraft, Cadbury Adams LLC Candies, Senomyx

According to Right Life of Michigan, at least eleven most common vaccines in the US have aborted human fetal cells and currently there are no requirements for labeling dead human tissue in vaccines and foods

At the same time despite the attempts by the mainstream media and the big pharma to hide the truth, many independent researchers and concerned scientific community like Dr. Andrew Wakefield, have been talking about the correlation between vaccines and autism in children. As clear as it sounds, there have been no scientific studies that show correlation between autism and vaccines.

The aborted human fetuses are also used in some makeup and cosmetics including creams and lotions.

Products of companies like PepsiCo, Nestles, Kraft, Cadbury Adams LLC CandiesSenomyx, Neocutis cosmetics and even some vaccines and medications like Pulmozyme and Enbrel have aborted human fetuses in them.

There is no end to this rat race of corporate greed and prioritizing profit even at the expense of destroying the young fresh minds of the future generation by any means even if it’s aborted human fetuses.


10 thoughts on “Aborted Human Fetus in YOUR Food!

  1. This article puts a whole new look at what obama is about not only is obama a traitor bout he aparently supports cannibalism. Don`t forget guys next time ya`ll buy that candy bar or drink that soda, not to mention getting that reccomended vaccine. This article is so sick that I just had to post it to show us guys exactly what we are putting into our bodies and what obama is aprouving.

    1. “No requirements for labeling dead human tissues in vaccines or foods!”

      Pass the colon please and hold the gravy!

  2. i wish i could remember what i read about this being a form of ‘cannibalism and or sacrifice straight from the table of demons” and as we all know injecting, eating, even tattooing dead peoples ashes is a form of cannibalism and like mad cow disease, mad human disease which would explain a few things. unfortunately, i no longer have the letter to explain it in detail. also, this has been going on for quite some time. those perish for lack of knowledge comes to mind. could it get any more obvious?

  3. this goes beyond profit. to intentionally do this either knowingly or unknowingly with end result just leaves me wondering what the hell we are dealing with here. i’m still having difficulty believing some of what i said above. these ingredients just don’t sound logical for lack of a better word. by their fruits ye shall know them. there i go again quoting bible passages which really isn’t my thing.

  4. This is so far beyond disgusting that I think the food corporations must find humor in it. I really think they sit around and laugh about the crap they can get away with putting into their food products and still sell them to the American people.

    1. Yes Jolly Roger, I was going to crack open a can of some of that mm good Campells chicken soup and then I remember that in the video and it makes me sick. I am wondering now if that chunky vegetable beef soup/stew isn`t just cut up people meat. gross nasty stuff. Watch this and it will help sticking to a diet plan lol. The farmers market is the only way to go for sure jolly.

      1. Hey diggerdan, it is beyond belief that these companies would do this. Now you’ll have to excuse me, time for some dead baby soup with a Pepsi!

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