19 thoughts on “After the rain…

  1. I can look into the sky any day and see rainbow.
    There is so much metal in the air here.
    I see rainbows around the sun and each day after the jets spray us.
    Rain or shine there are rainbows somewhere each day.

    1. Brian, I’ve seen the same type. I call them chembos. Incidentally, they have more vibirent colors than our naturally occurring rainbows. I’ve yet to capture them as most times that I spot them, I’m at the wheel. I’m on a quest to get some on video or pics.

      If you can grab some good footage, post them here.

      1. No amount of water could cleanse this planet after what they’ve done to it anyway, Paul.

          1. Found a spot on Foster Lake that I’ve been catching my limit at, most times. It’s about a 10 min. drive from here. Fresh trout from the lake to the frying pan in less than 3 or 4 hours.

            Love this place!!! 🙂

          2. Oh man! I’m jealous! But you know what? I’m so happy that you have found a place that makes you happy. I know, so, soppy. But you deserve it. And it makes me smile that you’ve got a great place. I know we’ve never met, but I beam for you. I’m relieved you got out of Cali.

          3. Thanks Deb. 🙂

            I never really considered leaving that hellhole an option. It was do or die, literally.

            At least here I have a legitimate chance for survival.

            And payback.

          4. You’ll do fine. I’d rather see you in Oregon than commieforina. Way better fishing, better air. Oh how I miss the left coast. I lived up in Washington for a couple of years, I wished we never left, but missed our family back east….

            Till tomorrow, I’m off to sleep…

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