Agenda 21 for The Highways

Published on Oct 29, 2013 by TheAlexJonesChannel

The government has lied about the use and capabilities of black boxes in cars. Now the mask comes off of MAP 21 — a blueprint for decreasing privacy, increasing taxes and physically controlling your movement.

3 thoughts on “Agenda 21 for The Highways

  1. You will not put a black box in my car. I will not pay a tax. My line has been drawn. These insurance companies and this satanic evil government can kiss my Cajun butt. Come and get me I am waiting!!!

  2. This like every other technology will be hacked gone around or just disabled.
    Some of my cars contain electronic odometers but others are mechanical. Without the ability to reprogram or flash the electronic which comes from the cars computer you are somewhat stuck but with the mechanical you can roll it back to zero pending there is not already a trace record through your states DMV/emissions testing preventing you from going all the way back to zero. I am with you on this trust me and why my major form of transportation will remain with a mechanical odometer. Besides all this I do all my own repairs so who is going to put anything in my car in the first place without me knowing its there? I will work around it one way or another if need be. Currently in the process for a workaround to make my cruise control function so I can get over 40mpg with a different ratio 5th gear.

  3. Have to agree with comment above, F’em if there is a device in my car it’ll foul out 😀
    All I can say, is whatever they try to use against you, turn it!
    Get creative!

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