ALERT: Senate Democrats Introduce Gun Confiscation Bill

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By now it should be obvious that liberal Democrats simply hate guns, and will do anything they can to push for a complete ban, even if it’s done one piece at a time.

The progressive playbook calls for disarming the general public as a means to help curb any dissent from the “elite” in the government.2

Opposition to those in power is a threat to the “Utopia” being created and maintained, so weapons must be eliminated, along with free speech and other liberties.  

President Obama and his cronies in Congress have been doing their best to force gun control measures into law, politicizing every shooting that comes along to help get public support for trampling the Constitution.

The latest such effort is being carried out by Democratic Senators Time Kaine, Chris Murphy, and Richard Blumenthal. According to Breitbart, these three have introduced legislation that calls for confiscating firearms when responding to a domestic violence situation.

Sen. Kaine is justifying the measure by saying, “domestic violence fatalities are far too common in Virginia,” and the Gun Homicide Prevention Act of 2014, “will provide critical protection to abuse victims.”

While this sounds noble and heroic on the surface, this bill is dangerous, and at its core it’s not really geared toward protecting victims of domestic violence at all.

The danger of the Gun Homicide Prevention Act11 lies in who gets to determine what qualifies as an act of “domestic violence.” The government.

Big government could say that getting into a heated argument that makes your spouse shed a few tears is an act of  domestic violence, giving them the right to come into your home and confiscate your firearms.

The government can also make changes to the legislation and alter definitions over time to make the bill say whatever they want it to say, giving them more and more license to take your guns.

Constituents across the country need to band together and oppose this legislation, putting pressure on senators and representatives not to support this measure.Freedom to own a gun is critical to the preservation of liberty in America, so any threat to this right needs to be fought tooth-and-nail.

17 thoughts on “ALERT: Senate Democrats Introduce Gun Confiscation Bill

  1. These bastards never give up, do they?

    Of course, the politicians and the elite have nothing to worry about since it is the brainless cops who will do their dirty work for them by trying (and will most likely die trying) to enforce it.

    Come and take it, you psychopaths!

  2. “Senate Democrats Introduce Gun Confiscation Bill”

    What, again?


  3. Seriously, dude?

    Even at 20 to 1, that’s 20 million maggots for every one million patriots.

    There’s a helluva lot more of us than that in this country.

    I’d offer some cheese & crackers to go with that whine, but you don’t even rate that.

    1. I haven’t noticed any Militia recruitment in my neighborhood or state. My friends, family or neighbors haven’t. WHY NOT?! I haven’t noticed any resistance to thousands of Vets being disarmed and labeled mentally incompetent. What the hell is the Militia doing? I’ve bought firearms, ammo, food and equipment at the request of some of these “Militias”. We’re getting sick and tired of waiting. We’re losing our jobs and income and selling off what we have to survive….we don’t have a honey pot like EARTHGRAINS BAKERY GROUP INC. to fall back on!

      1. “I haven’t noticed any Militia recruitment in my neighborhood or state.”

        Then you need to talk to people on this site that live close to you. That’s what we’re here for.

        First off, though, you need to let them know where you live.

          1. I live in L.A. I’m not ex-military. I wouldn’t be the one to talk to.

            Bulldog would likely be your best choice. JD could also be helpful, and possibly REDHORSE.

            Sorry, but my forte is getting information out to the public. Not too involved with the militia aspect (yet), especially being in this sh#thole.

      2. Well Shelby, I’m not relinquishing my 2nd amendment rights nor am I reporting to any FEMA camp. I know the situation doesn’t look good because look who’s disseminating the defeatist information. Of course they aren’t going to say an armed march to Washington D.C. to remove the traitors for public hanging would be possible. What are they going to do? Fire upon thousands of Americans exercising their rights? Well, if they wanted to start the revolution it would happen at that moment and they know it. We need to take our government back and “set things right”.

      1. It’s about to be a ghost commenter. When people like Shelby come up to whine, they need to know that I felt the same way….about twenty years ago. One of those people looking for somebody instead of being somebody.
        Everyone who is serious about this had better seek out others of a like mind and form and train their own militia.
        And as for the Alex Jones contention that all the militias are infiltrated, well Shelby, if you read this, you better realize that you don’t have a f#@king clue as to what you are talking about. And if I see one more defeatist word out of you, you will not be commenting here. Maybe it is your sorry f#@king attitude that stands between you and others.

        1. “One of those people looking for somebody instead of being somebody.”
          “…form and train their own militia.”

          CHEERS to that Henry.
          Id like to give thanks for helping me get over that same hump in self-worth.

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