4 thoughts on “ALERT! ‘Unprotected’ Cameraman Caught Hiding Near ‘Ebola’ Patient In Atlanta!

  1. You beat me to it Wade! 🙂

    Scarey $hit though. That guy is an idiot with a death wish. Either that or he knew he was not in any danger. I’m still wondering if this is staged. I don’t know what to think at this point. The media is all over this, which leaves me with more questions. Scare tactics to get the general public to accept a vaccine, or something more sinister? Either way, eyes open.

  2. I believe this whole thing is a scam. There may be an outbreak in Africa, but this whole transporting of patients just seems staged and not real and this video further conveys that. Either these weren’t the real patients or they just pretended those two patients were infected to deceive everyone and cause a scare.

    1. Very observant point Scott. One I hadn’t considered. If he was so sick, and bleeding out of every orifice, why not a stretcher?
      . . .

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