7 thoughts on “Alex Jones Wears Alien Lizard Mask And Explains The Evils Of Obamacare

  1. AJ is a fool. Does he think that stupidity like this helps us in any way? He makes real Patriots look like fools. He will run and hide when it all starts.

    1. Right on Bulldog. You KNOW damned well that he’ll run…straight to Is-real-hell. Or…maybe he’s trying to get on the Rumormill News show.

  2. AJ continues to regress and now is almost ready for the Halloween party at the end of this month. See, he’s practicing to be the creature from the lagoon. What will his trick be if he doesn’t get his treat?

    1. Jones has gone Hollywood! The guy is one crate short of a full load. This is what happens when you party and smoke crack with Charlie Sheen on a continuing basis.

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