8 thoughts on “Alice Cooper – No More Mr Nice Guy

  1. I have seen Alice live for decades,great showman and usually has a great band but nothing like the original lineup.Alice will be touring this summer with Motley Crue!The Crue in theory have decided that it is time and this will be their last tour,seen them also for decades.This has the potential to be one hell of a concert,I am there!On a side note,realize some of you “old timers” will not be as enthused as I am!

    1. Awe James, I know a lot of old timers that like Alice Cooper. They just do not have the money, I wish I could go. .
      Glad ya like this James

      1. Great pick Digger, I saw Alice on his first tour in Boston back in the 70’s I think, its the tour where he hangs himself great show, but I do not like crowds, so I’ll pass and I have more important things to buy.

        1. I do not like crowds either Joe.
          Kind of wish I could go to that last concert but all in all is that a wise way to spend money that people may not have – I know that I do not have money for a couple of hours of concert.
          Plus like you say, I also do not like crowdsand you can bet there are under cover cops there taking pictures ya know.

          Yea, this song reminds me of myself ya know.

          Glad ya like the song Joe.

          1. Only kidding dig!Though funds are tight I must see this concert,have been to over 700 shows thru the decades(115 of course were Tull!).The way the world turning figure might as well have a few more good times before the inevitable collapse.I only brought the age thing up as it came up a few days back,I know you folks are not older then dirt,but bet you were there when it was spread around!By the way,last concert tour is the Crue,my guess is Alice will tour till he drops!

          2. Ha yes James,I hope Cooper will keep on with the concert circuit.
            Like Joe said , I do not like crowds one bit either but I would perhaps go to a Cooper concert. I have never been to one of his concerts. Bet they are good.

  2. And I laughed to myself at the men and the ladies who never conceived of those billion(trillion) dollar babies.LA DA DA DA DAAA…

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