14 thoughts on “America Death By China – Full Documentary 2016

    1. Hi Andrew,

      WE,.. The USA built China,… just like we build the former Soviet Empire.

      China has NOTHING to do with this, other than the role it plays at the behest of the true manipulators,… the Zionist-jew-communists. – JD


      1. You got no argument from me JD. This vid reminds me of Trump supporters, thinking he will make America great again. As you have stated very clearly in the past, the cartridge box is the only solution left.

        1. Hi Andrew:

          WHEW!!!!,.. Hahahaha,.. ok brother!!,…. you have no idea how relieved I am your wide awake and know the truth!!!

          Whether you realize it or not,…. your one of the true leaders that will restore our country when the time comes.

          Good luck to you and your family, as this is going to be very,… very,.. messy.

          JD – US Marines – Or mission,… first we learn,.. then we teach,… then we understand,…. then we get angry,…. then,… we fight!


  1. The biggest reason for this is the federal government imposing the highest corporate tax in the world at over 35%. Without this high tax, companies here in America could out compete China. In other words, this is one of many reasons the biggest enemy to the American people is the federal government.

    1. Hi Eric,


      There is no gov’t,… we are under an Enemy-Force-In-Occupation,… a Zionist-jew occupation to be specific.

      There goal is global domination,…. literally,… and destroying America is just one more step toward that goal. – JD


  2. My Fellow Americans:

    This video COMPLETELY misses the architecture of our destruction, and the Zionist-jew-communists that are behind it.

    Debt, Job-Destruction, Loss Of Industry and so forth are only the SYMPTOMS of the cause,…. they in and of themselves are not the reason.

    When the destruction of this country is properly analyzed,… it ALWAYS leads back to the International Zionist-jew-communists, the Morgans, Warburgs, Brown’s Harriemans, Rockefellars, and of course,.. the Rothchilds to name a few.

    These families, and the secret societies they operate thru, are the root cause, and we will never be free until they are all declared enemies of humanity, and hunted down to the last one and exterminated.

    JD – US Marines – Blaming the destruction of this country on China and debt is like blaming garbage on the flies.


  3. Alright, I watched that whole thing and I can certainly agree with some of it.
    But then at the end, they tell me to contact my elected criminals. Pffffffffffffffft. Like that’s going to work.
    America was sold down the river and the elected criminals did the selling and, apparently, they’re fine with it.

    1. Absof’glutely! Toward the end there was talk of how different the people are in China from the Chinese govt and how their republic does NOT represent or work for them. Sound familiar?

      There was also reference to how much better the American people understand the economics and the “elected” officials just haven’t “caught up yet” with our knowledge of it. HORSE SHIT.

      They know EXACTLY what they are doing.

      The stupid card gets doled out again, but the only stupid ones are the ones that believe they got to where they are is because they’re stupid.

      Armed forces is the maker of the video and I find it ironic that the only thing to change it IS just that(meaning US).

  4. I really think we can’t omit the
    “Roman Catholic Church” in this equation.
    The Zionists and Pope wear the same circle of death on their heads.
    I think the Vatican needs a little online ass wipping.

    Just to balance things out.

    Zionists are not the only problem.

    This is a compartmentalized cartel working in concert to keep enslaving humanity.

    1. Hi Flee,

      You know your one of my favorites because your borderline insane,…. don’t you Flee???

      I agree with you, and add the following considerations:

      Yes, the Vatican is a huge part of it,…. that is because the Marrano’s (cryto-jews) infiltrated the Catholic hierarchy many centuries ago along with other secret society elements like the Scottish Freemasons.

      In the end,… it’s all about control of money. power and people by a hand-full of true pyschos, of which, Zionists-jew-communists is just the most easily recognized group, but certainly not the only ones participating in this global event.

      JD – US Marines – Its easy,…. if they are Ultra-Rich,…. they are part of the pyschos who have plundered mankind.


  5. Coming from you JD I’ll wear my insanity as a badge of honor.
    Like Carlin said….
    I have a moronic thing I do called…Thinking.
    In fact I’m going to start a new posting name.
    My new name tag will be…
    Drum roll pleaz…..
    So the next time I’m pulled over by a brute.
    When they ask me my name.
    I’ll say….
    I’m Joking….

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