America Is Ungovernable. Projecting A Future Is Impossible

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The days of Let’s Pretend will come to an end very harshly as soon the Dollar Dies in the very near future.

I have several times said that projecting a future based on recent history is perilous. If we saw the battling armies of WW II, could we ever believe in 1946 that the grandchildren of those men would surrender their women and their wealth to hordes of violent refugees 70 years later?  

America and Europe have obviously reached breaking points both in terms of demographics and economics. But I still see too much delusional thinking that would deny what is clearly visible right in front of us.

Let me boldly say this: ‘America is no longer capable of functioning as a democracy.’

In the past I have repeatedly said we have a banking system designed to transfer wealth from those who make things to those who gave themselves the right to create our money out of thin air and to charge us interest. I have also warned for years that Wall Street wants a Race War so we cannot unite and arrest the Bankers to take back from them the tens of trillions of dollars they stole from us.

To pave the way for a Race War the Bankers have been importing tens of millions of people from non-white countries. Pundits have to stop thinking about the Old America. That is gone. The people pushing for a Race War might get a conflagration that is far more fierce than they imagine. We could easily lose 10 million people to starvation when this current Depression goes ballistic. And that could lead to Race Riots and to a Race War that would kill 100 to 120 million Americans or even more.

All my life I have seen examples of Stupidity. When I was 9 years-old, I tried to tell people we needed a Debt Free currency. I told people that the Holohoax was based on obvious lies. I wanted to scream ‘Don’t be Stupid.’

Demographics have changed America forever.

A group of “documented gangbangers” in Chicago made a U-turn so they could run over a white cyclist on purpose. The black men dragged the white man for blocks and fought with police and firefighters, only to be let off easy with misdemeanor charges.

In big cities tens of thousands of white women are raped every year. Liberal Democrats refuse to appropriate enough funds to do DNA testing for rape kits. Why? Because they obviously do not want their black voters to go to jail.

Young black men have a new sport. They walk up to an unsuspecting white person, usually much older, and punch them hard. They call this the Knockout Game. They post videos of themselves doing this online. I see no political will in the state legislatures to do anything about it.

The NSA surveils us all the time. They want us to know they are spying on those of us who do not like Bankers. There has been a wave of crimes the NSA and the FBI could easily solve. Store owners have been robbed by masses of black teens who assemble as flash mobs to rob a store because they received a text message. They are networking. Other examples of networking crimes have been flash mobs of young armed blacks attacking whites who were attending an event. These assaults were designed more to do substantial bodily harm to whites than to rob them. The NSA and the FBI have the technology to solve these crimes. We do have civil rights laws used against whites that have resulted in 10 year jail terms. We could use these same laws to stop violent black  crimes organized by a network of cell phones but America does not have the demographic will power to protect the lives of whites.

What Asian-Americans seem to fail to comprehend is that in many cities the police give the local black teenagers a free pass to attack non-whites of Asian descent. The black police chief of Rochester New York recently was criticized for complaining about Asians making all sorts of charges against black youths. If blacks have the votes and don’t want to do the time, then those Asians who get beat up and stabbed will just have to get in line behind the white women to file complaints the police will ignore.

In many schools white girls are routinely raped by black students. To be fair I met a group of school administrators from Fresno, California where the students speak Spanish at home. They admitted that if a young girl talked to them about being raped that their advice was to accept it. One white woman in her 50s said she warned girls against filing criminal charges. They could as administrators flunk her right out of the school. A white male admin around 40 said one of their greatest problems was wealthy white racists who sent their children to private schools. He said they needed more children from educated families to improve their classes. Gee, I wonder why wealthy people would not send their children to a school where the girls are raped and the boys are racially profiled for a beating by the local Mexican gangs.

Many years ago I read of a series of trials of young black defendants who were convicted of kidnapping and raping white girls. The black judge sentenced the young men as if they had been convicted of a misdemeanor. That was in my hometown. I moved away and only returned to visit or work at a trade show.

California state government has become a joke. The minority-Jewish-white liberal coalition wins every election. California has an open primary so Democrats, Republicans and Greens compete in what they call a jungle primary. The top two vote getters face off in November. But if those two are Democrats, then there is no Republican to vote for in November. The two candidates for the Senate in 2016 are a black woman who used to be Willie Brown’s girl friend and an illegal alien who managed to get elected to the Congress. The white male candidates are scoring under 10% and are there for show only. By comparison, California voted for Nixon against Kennedy in 1960.

As of July 1, 2014, about 14.99 million Latinos live in California, edging out the 14.92 million whites. In 1970, the 2.4 million Latinos in California accounted for 12% of the population, while the 15.5 million whites in the state made up more than three-quarters of residents, according to state figures. Filipinos are the next largest ethnic group in California at 1.5 million, followed by Chinese at 1.4 million. The Filipino population grew 34 percent during the decade, mirroring the rapid overall Asian American growth rate.

Democrats all. White liberal pundits applaud the demographic shift to Democrats caused by importing more than 100 million legal and illegal aliens. Young liberals in schools will routinely report private conversations to minorities so that a white conservative will be confronted by angry mob who challenge the right of white racists to disagree with them.

There must be a million Jews in California. The Jews have two federal Senators and lots of congressmen in the Los Angeles area. Almost all of those Jewish congressmen are Democrats.

The majority of these people vote for more illegal aliens and more taxes and more government jobs. Not one of these idiots knows the difference between an interest bearing and a non-interest bearing one. A Democrat’s idea of creating jobs is to hire more government workers. More!! We already have 25 million government workers if you count state and local workers as well as contractors. (Please do not accuse me of being a Republican. They became a Jewish political party long ago.)

What those idiots on the government payroll do not seem to understand is that their leaders in Washington are traitors and have been voting to send millions of jobs overseas while adding 56 million immigrants since passing NAFTA. Wages have been driven down while our banking system has saddled us with Unpayable Debts impoverishing us all. This is by design. Lower wages, higher unemployment, higher rent, higher taxes and more race based crime. In Milwaukee public school teachers demonstrated for more money blaming their governor for their woes. One teacher with benefits costs taxpayers over $100,000 a year. But NAFTA has sent a millions of high paying industrial jobs overseas. That coalition of Jews, liberals, gays, feminists and minorities has relied on deficit financing to cover up the wage discrepancies between regular taxpayers and what civil servants demand. That disparity in our wages will hit a brick wall on the Day the Dollar Dies.

America is becoming like California. The traitors in Washington relocated 100,000 Somalis to Minneapolis-St Paul. When Al Franken ran for the Senate in Minnesota, the Somalis gave him enough votes to make the election close enough that it was possible for his fellow Democrats to steal enough votes to make him Senator.

I would like to share a couple of personal experiences I had in California. Once I went to AAA to see about auto insurance. The Asians had taken over the office in Santa Clara. An Asian woman told me I should move to Texas because I was a cowboy. You are white. You don’t belong here. An Asian women sitting at the next desk glared at me as if I were doing something wrong. In her mind being white was a criminal offense. I went to visit my hometown in California which was not far from Silicon Valley.  An attractive Mexican woman in her mid-twenties walked up to me and said we could kill you if we want. We decided to let people like you grow old and die.

I met a Mexican-American construction worker in Silicon Valley who said that we discuss amongst ourselves of one day just taking all the construction jobs. He knew that would mean they would have to kill a lot of whites who showed up to work to learn  only Mexicans are allowed to work here now. He said we could get away with it. And most Mexican workers thought that it was a good idea. But he told them we couldn’t do that because there are some white workers who have skills we need. We couldn’t do our jobs without them.

I noticed over the years that all of the postal workers at the counters were Asians. The mail carriers were white, Mexican, black and some Asians. A pretty girl whose mother was an Asian immigrant said her mom was told to carry mail for 2 years and become a postal counter clerk. I knew Asians were obviously taking jobs from everyone else. Once I talked to the postal workers at the main facility in San Jose. Two Asian supervisors came up to me and said we kill people. What are you going to do about it?

I have told Mexican-American cops who talk to La Raza about Jewish plans for a Race War. I specifically mentioned both the Race War and their drinking water. First, they could expect an atrocity involving the deaths of children to get the Race War moving as soon as the Nationwide Food Riots begin. Second, when Henry Kissinger ran the US government for the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, they set up a system that would allow one man in each community to kill millions of people by adding either poisons or germs to the water. And the beauty of it was that they had the Gentiles pay for a modern water system that would allow them to direct poisons to specific homes, apartment buildings or housing projects. The Mexican-American cops I told believed me and were suitably impressed by my knowledge of the people who think they own our government.

What can we surmise about America’s future?

America will cease to exist if the Dollar Dies and the military does not arrest the Bankers and seize their assets.

And America can no longer function as a democracy. One third of the 55 million Hispanics in America is under 18. That plus the steady stream of illegal aliens entering America will soon make democracy impossible.

So who besides the Jews will step forward to take over and make the trains run on time?

PS: I said I would be taking time off to do other more important things. I did say I will write about the upcoming Bilderberg meeting in Dresden. And I will do a tribute to Michael Hastings who was martyred almost 3 years ago. He died trying to bring back free speech to America. We ought not to forget him.

But I had to write this. There are just too many idiots on this planet. What we have that passes for a government does not work. It is clear that it is destroying our country and our civilization and will lead to the extermination of the white race. There is a blogger in Spain whose blog is entitled ‘Don’t Die an Idiot.’ Think about that.

I understand what is happening but not many others seem willing and able to comprehend the world as it really is.

America Is Ungovernable. Projecting A Future Is Impossible

3 thoughts on “America Is Ungovernable. Projecting A Future Is Impossible

  1. “It is clear that it is destroying our country and our civilization and will lead to the extermination of the white race.”

    And that’s the goal here; white genocide. It’s easy to dismiss all racist diatribes as part of the “divide and conquer” strategy, but in actuality it’s more like a “unite and conquer” strategy, because the Jews are uniting people all over the world against the white race, because the white race contains all the people that the Jews can’t control.

    And at the same time, they’re propagandizing whites to feel “white guilt”, which will make them easier targets. No one here asked for a race war, but we most certainly are being attacked because of our race.

    If you want to survive, you’re going to have to defend yourself, and you might have practice some degree of racism to do so effectively. One thing you can count on is that everyone is your friend, until you turn your back on them long enough for the knife to slide into it.

    (excellent article, Rebel)

  2. “Let me boldly say this: ‘America is no longer capable of functioning as a democracy.’

    And let me boldly add… IT NEVER WAS A DEMOCRACY!!!!!


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