The American Bolshevik Revolution Is Afoot

by Corey Brenner

I see much hoopla nowadays about Donald Trump having come to power by way of a coup. I see various left-wing-but-mainstream outlets advocating that we stop calling Donald Trump our President. This is entirely wrong-headed, and is the next step toward our downfall as a nation. This story has played out before, and will play itself out again if we do nothing to stop it. This is a critical time for our nation. We are on our way to a revolution, one which must be crushed, if this insanity is not stopped. The cure may be as bad as the disease.  

For starters, Donald Trump is in fact the duly elected President of the United States of America. You may not like this fact. I’m not entirely comfortable with it myself, quite frankly. But facts are facts, and the fact of the matter is that Donald John Trump was elected by our Electoral College to be the 45th President of the United States. Our system worked. A popular majority is not required to win that Office, and a look at the vote distribution map clearly shows the wisdom and brilliance of our nation’s founders. The system worked, and we should thank our lucky stars it did.

Our problem is, now, that we must be willing to make it stick. The agitprop is running rampant now. There are literally prominent people in popular, mainstream media calling for our government to be overthrown. There are college professors calling for the murder of Donald Trump. There are violent mobs shutting down free speech on college campuses, directed in some cases by these professors. This is the same vector the Communists used in Russia. It is happening again, right before our eyes.

This must cease, immediately. The next acts in this little play are riots fomented by Communist groups or those directed by them. Riots which must be cracked down upon, lest they inflame entire cities and begin an open civil conflict. A crackdown must surely follow, and then it is up to the character of Donald Trump to shape events. This is not a place where I want to be. I will put faith in the Constitution, and give the benefit of the doubt to the elected President. I see those trying to usurp the system and invalidate the election as highly suspect in their judgment at the very least.

The President of the United States has the Power to put down insurrections. This is delegated to him by the Constitution. What is happening now, and what could unfold in the coming weeks, will certainly smack of insurrection. We cannot let this chain of events proceed. Our President will be forced to round up and jail the leaders of this insurrection, and that will snowball. Public outrage will further divide the country. Riots will ensue. Martial law will follow, as night follows day. As it must.

We the People must look to our neighbors and friends, our coworkers and the people with whom we interact and conduct business every day. Imagine pointing a gun at each and every one of those people and squeezing the trigger. Or, since roughly half of the country voted for each of the top-finishing candidates in our recent election, call it half. The time is coming when you will have to make hard choices. If we cannot put the brakes on this train, it will plunge off the trestle that’s been dynamited before it. We have seen this story before. Must we continue the cycle all the way to its bottom? Can we please learn from history, before it’s too late?

Choose sides now, and weigh your losses now, before the insurrection is kinetic. It doesn’t matter which side of this divide you are on, you must do this. Then realize that this future that you are contemplating is yours, if you remain apathetic now. Circumstances will be forced upon all of us, circumstances we cannot yet foresee, and you will bitterly mourn for the time you wasted right now.

We the People have a banner to which we can rally. That is the Constitution. It is the fundamental secular Law of our nation. We are duty-bound to follow it, in this matter, even if we don’t like the results. The alternative is one that nobody who is advocating for forcing out our duly elected President can imagine. Talk to someone who lived in the Soviet Union sometime, especially an older person. This is not a road you want to go down, especially since our technology would make a police state that much more total and that much more nightmarish.

I had an acquaintance in a class I took a couple years ago, a very personable and pretty articulate guy, with whom it was easy to strike up conversations. Inevitably, the conversation rolled around to politics. He is a far left fellow, and made no bones about it. I respected that, but of course extolled the virtues of liberty over the inevitable consequences of the form of government he was advocating.

One thing he said struck me, especially. He informed me that I “just didn’t understand the love that was behind [the movement].” By his face, it seemed as though my retort might have caused him to tuck it away for further study. I said, “The Nazi regime and the Soviet Union are the quintessence of collectivism.” I direly hope that he will dig that one out of his memory banks and think about it a little more, for we are headed down the same path as the Russians tread, and the inevitable end of this path is a despotism most bleak.

I said we would, as a people, need to make this election stick, whether we like it or not. This is not hyperbole. We have a tough row to hoe ahead of us. This country is under perhaps the most severe threat of its entire existence. Abraham Lincoln said this country would not be conquered from outside, but that if it fell it would do so because of rot on the inside. This is veritas. I see the rot before my eyes, and I cannot stop looking at it. I have begun laughing uproariously at it, because the pieces strung together are like a comedy where everyone dies in the end.

Imagine if, on Monday, we see a resumption of outages or a spread of this “Ransomware” that has caused so many problems globally. Clearly, the security researcher in England who did the world a favor and registered a particular domain name is to be commended. He stumbled along and put his finger in the dike. But the story does not end there. This same code can be modified and relaunched with no Hail Mary to stop it. Worse already exists or is being cooked now, probably also based upon code our own intelligence organs created.

What happens to our cities when money can no longer move? When trucks no longer carry food because money cannot move? Does that increase strife within a country, or decrease it? It seems to me that a cyberwar situation, where people are hungry and desperate, when political tension is already high, would be the perfect time to shove, rather than nudge. An insurrection taking off in earnest at a time like this, especially one which looked like it had a chance of succeeding, would create chaos that would leave us vulnerable to outside attack, as well.

Civil strife in the United States would be just the kind of chaos a petty tyrant like Kim Jong-Un would use to his advantage. Perhaps he would drop one or both of his satellites, speculated to carry EMP weapons, over the United States. Or perhaps if the first one works on us, the second one will be dispatched to the atmosphere above Europe as it swoops overhead. Unless we pull our heads out of this fog, we are in grave peril.

It is estimated that, if we were hit with an electromagnetic pulse weapon, over 90% of our population would die. We are dependent on our electric grid and all our electric gewgaws. If those suddenly stopped working, and if we could no longer communicate, this is a very credible estimate. Our grid is utterly unprepared for this event. If we are also trying to kill each other, this looks like a good option.

We are already infiltrated by millions of military-aged, able-bodied men who are experienced at getting by with little or no infrastructure. Perhaps they are sent here by our guiding light to help us to survive in such an event, but perhaps not. An event like this could turn the tables on an unsuspecting American populace in a split second. Do we truly know who has come across our border, and where they are, and what they are doing, and who is helping them to do it?

I know that people who aren’t just a little off-kilter never think about such things. I will not profess to be entirely what anyone thinks of as “normal”. I am, to the greatest of my ability, trying to prepare for what I believe to be coming. I live off the grid, in about as close to a wilderness area as you will hopefully never find in the continental United States, with plenty of good, fresh running water. I have provisions to last a good while. I don’t have room or provisions for anyone else.

Face the facts. Please. Donald John Trump is the President of the United States, having been duly elected according to our Constitution. He is of sound mind, and is probably a fairly straight businessman, but from the old school. You may not like him, and you may not agree with him on anything. But he is the President, and that duly elected office deserves your allegiance.

12 thoughts on “The American Bolshevik Revolution Is Afoot

  1. *** We the People have a banner to which we can rally. That is the Constitution. It is the fundamental secular Law of our nation. We are duty-bound to follow it, in this matter, even if we don’t like the results. ***

    But government in the US, especially at the federal level, ceased to follow the Constitution long ago. There is zero question about that. Mass surveillance, civil asset forfeiture, gun control, lack of due process…who the hell thinks the Bill of Rights remains intact?

    Therefore, the social contract between the People and the government in the US has been broken. Few if any government institutions in the US remain legitimate. It could even be argued that this isn’t the US we’re living in anymore, since the US *was* defined by its Constitution and its principles.

    For these reasons, Donald Trump isn’t my president either. Neither was Obama, Bush, or Clinton. They were all domestic enemies of the Constitution, just like the federal government itself.

    Further, I don’t care if chaos comes to the US. In fact, a part of me really hopes for it, since that could lead to a breakup of the country into smaller territories. Then we could return to decentralized government, leaving behind the current one-size-fits-all federal tyranny.

    Even if that ideal situation never occurs, I see nothing wrong with neocon Trump fans and leftist Democrats attacking one another for a while. The more the statist f–ktards attack each other, the less time they’ll have to interfere in the lives of liberty lovers.

    1. BMF
      You summed up my feelings so very well
      If I could write like that without cussing and shooting the computer , the comment I would have left would have sounded very much like that

    2. Nicely put, and thank you BMF.
      My sentiments as well.

      After fighting through the second paragraph (with squinty eye) of the main article, and the words of the nose rag down below who wishes to give their master a reach around.
      It caused me to take a dump.

  2. The United States of America deserves your allegiance. The President of the United States of America deserves your allegiance because he is the one entrusted with the authority to take action in those dire circumstances. He happens to be Donald J Trump right now, and legally elected by the chosen electors in a constitutionally prescribed fashion.
    Suck it up Snowflakes, the future of America is on the line, and the Fourth Turning is upon us.

    1. Well, “Trumpeter,” either you didn’t read my earlier post, or it sailed over your head.

      MY allegiance is to the Bill of Rights and the principles behind it, and that’s where my allegiance will stay. The “United States of America” is a meaningless joke and a fraud unless the Bill of Rights is vigorously protected. The federal government and all its major personalities, including your Dear Leader, can go to hell for their role in gutting everything America was meant to stand for: individual rights, due process, and all the rest.

      The values underlying the Bill of Rights DEFINE the United States of America. Should it become necessary, I’m mentally and physically prepared to kill and die for these values I believe in.

      Incidentally, this “snowflake” is almost certainly more skilled with weapons than you’ll ever be. Don’t make the retarded mistake of confusing libertarians with so-called “liberals.”

      Hell, I might as well point it out now: Trump’s supporters tend to be every bit the politically correct “snowflakes” that the Hillary-loving leftists are. They just get butthurt over different things.

      Leftists are always crying about imagined injustices regarding racism, sexism, homophobia, trannies, etc. No need to go further into that; we know what they’re all about.

      Mainstream conservatards, including typical Trump voters, turn into bleeding-heart, teary-eyed faggots over “our” troops, “our” veterans, the US flag, etc. And the reason they’re always humping the legs of soldiers and police is that most of them are too scared and weak to stand up for their own rights. These people pride themselves on being “law-abiding,” i.e., following the commands of politicians and their enforcers. They wouldn’t dream of acting without permission from their masters. They curry favor with “authority” figures like dogs do, and will roll over and display their bellies when that “authority” figure kicks them. Even so, they imagine themselves to be “tough” and “macho,” just like their Dear Leader, because they think being cruel and callous toward others somehow makes them personally strong.

      So, those are the two camps that most Americans fall into. It’s a sad state of affairs, and it’s unlikely to change for the better until the country finally falls apart the way the USSR did.

    2. Pointing my finger and laughing at Trumpeter! You may never know how retarded you came off in your comment.
      You will not see this nation fixed without bloodshed, a whole lot of order followers are going to have to die before it becomes clear enough is enough.
      Finally the border is still wide open, your boy Trump is a F’ing fraud just like the rest of the Golfers in Chief.

    3. Trump, by definition is the present dictator of an occupation in my country. And don’t speak of the Constitution, you f#@king moron, it is usurped and you are a traitor for supporting an occupation in our country.
      Now get your sorry ass back over to inforwars where you belong.

  3. Clearly this article was not written by dick-ta-phone. The delusional author pledging allegiance to the duly appointed zio-shill would have had to remove his lips from chumps arse and kosher phallus.

    Choosing the side of commies or the commie occupying govt is not choosing a side, it’s proposing a losing ultimatum to those who are too dumb to see what useful idiots they are to the commies.

    Using manufactured fear porn to push that bs is pathetic.

    I’ll choose the Bill of Rights and chump doesn’t support that so he ain’t the darling new “dear leader”.

  4. “Face the facts. Please. Donald John Trump is the President of the United States, having been duly elected according to our Constitution. He is of sound mind, and is probably a fairly straight businessman, but from the old school. You may not like him, and you may not agree with him on anything. But he is the President, and that duly elected office deserves your allegiance.”

    Seriously? Is this author for real? Clearly he wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face.

  5. Unless the ‘jew’ stranglehold on the throat of the american nation is removed, nothing else will make much of a difference.


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