An open letter to Senator Jay Rockefeller

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On January 19th, I went to the rally at Senator Joe Manchin’s office in Martinsburg along with about 400 or so other West Virginians.  We expressed ourselves emphatically at that rally, and I have followed up with an email to Senator Manchin expressing my deep concern with his apparent willingness to sell out his constituents.  I doubt it will do any good, but I did  it.

I also wanted Senator Rockefeller to know my thoughts, so here is my email to him, verbatim:

“Dear Senator Rockefeller:

As you know, the individual right to own and carry weapons of military utility is protected by the Constitution. And as you also know, this right is being assaulted.  In the past, the anti-freedom forces would push to infringe our rights, and gun owners would compromise, giving up our freedoms bit by bit.  However, the day of compromise has passed. There are a large number of your fellow West Virginians who are well aware of the ‘divide and conquer’ tactics being used to push further infringements of that right, and we are not having any further part of that.

My friends and neighbors and I wanted you to know that we will not be divided, we will not be distracted, and we will not be disarmed.  We will not debate this issue and we will not compromise.  We will not tolerate any further infringements upon our constitutionally protected individual right to buy, sell, own and carry weapons of any sort, especially those weapons of military utility and their accoutrement, ammunition, and accessories. History has taught us what lies at the end of that road, and we are not going there.

Please keep in mind that the last American Revolution started with an ill-advised attempt to disarm Americans.  Please, don’t let this Administration start another such war.  Only the Chinese or another communist would want to see such a dreadful tragedy unfold; certainly all patriotic Americans would not want to see that happen, but please fix this firmly in your mind, and pass this on to the present Administration:  A significant percentage of American gun owners WILL NOT BE DISARMED. You have rendered great service to your state and the American people in the past, Senator, but your place in history would be secure if your statesmanship could derail this tyrannical push for unConstitutional infringements of our rights. A great many West Virginians would cheer such an accomplishment.

I would be happy to explain why there is no legal, moral, practical, ethical or Constitutional basis for any further infringement on this most important of all civil rights should you or one of your staffers wish to discuss it further; please let me know.

Respectfully etc. etc.”

I do not know whether this will help or not, but as long as words might help, I will keep talking, in the hope that rationality will prevail.  I will also keep my skills polished, in the event that insanity prevails!  I suggest that each of you, gentle readers, do the same.

2 thoughts on “An open letter to Senator Jay Rockefeller

  1. Hey All,This elitist piece of crap hasnt done a damn thing for the poor families of W VA sure him and byrd brought in a bunch of money but it went to their cronies in the coal and timber slave trade and the massive “interstate” projects that benifited the crony construction co. while paying the workers the “prevailing wage” which as you know is as little as they can get away with.Jay rockyfella has a square mile compound in pocahontas county and lives like the heir of pigs he is.Joe manchin cruised his harley by my house numerous times inthe past summers with a gang of cop thugs on cop bikes and humvees light a rolling pissin away how many tax dollars,oh I almost forgot the pigs put their names on everything TAX dollars build like they gave one red cent of their own ill gotten gains.

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