Attention Finding Bigfoot Producers: UFO being piloted by Bigfoot spotted hovering over Agency Lake, Chiloquin, OR


This photograph was taken with all permissions needed from Klamath Tribal Chief and Governor of Chiloquin, Don Gentry.

24 thoughts on “Attention Finding Bigfoot Producers: UFO being piloted by Bigfoot spotted hovering over Agency Lake, Chiloquin, OR

  1. Yea, that’s a genuine UFO, alright — the kind Bigfoot pilots are known to fly. Couldn’t be some object or computer generated drawing that was photo-shopped onto a photo of a lake. No way! It’s WAY more intricate than the average barbeque sauce container.

    I think we are going to have to go to at least .30 caliber rounds to deal with the invasion of Big Foot critters. The NATO 5.56 might not have enough knock-down power for the monkey men.

  2. Bigfoot clearly prefers the smooth stylings of the millennium falcon, with seats upholstered from rich, Corinthian leather. ..”ahhh, falcon”.

    1. I sent the picture… the bigfoot mothership.
      Let’s see if they post it.
      But they need some space too to take a timeout and enjoy each other…family and friends.
      Take care of things around the house etc….
      They work so hard.

      1. My daughter is a big fan, she has every season on dvd. I’ve seen my fair share of it though! lol ­čśë

        1. I’m a fanatic. I’ve got almost all episodes on DVD. And, yes, I want to believe.

          However, they’ve come and gone, deciding there’s no intelligent life here.

      1. I just posted the video and lyrics in the “Comments” for your photo. The lyrics placed it in “Moderation” LOL ­čśë

  3. I think it’s the diarrhea! They came, they saw, got the $hits, and said “We’re outta here!”

    It is the best photo I’ve ever seen of a fart in a whirlwind! lol

    On the serious side, notice the vertical columns on the horizon. That dark cloud in the center with an atmospheric vertical cloud phenomenon going on in the background is eerie.

  4. I don’t quite believe this is a UFO phenomena. However, it is very strange and fits right in with all else happening. It’s a sign, and it’s a rather ominous looking sign if you believe in such things.

    Have you ever met someone who had that dark cloud following not too far behind? I’ve met more than a few that had that dark cloud hovering over their presence. You can’t see it but you sure as hell can feel it. Gives me the “willies” sometimes. Spooky.

    Oh yes, all you rational thinkers will square my comments away with the arrogance bequeathed to us at birth. “If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.”

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