August 21st: Pontiac, MI Is Taking Their City Back From The 2012 NDAA

Pontiac City Hall - The administration building for the government of the City of Pontiac. Pontiac Tribune

Yesterday two local journalists from the Pontiac Tribune, Aaron Nelson and Helena Kirby, marched into City Hall and submitted a City Resolution on NDAA, which prohibits the enforcement of Sections 1021 and 1022 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act in the city of Pontiac.

We are very excited to bring you this story first.  


Two years ago U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest declared that Section 1021 of the NDAA was unconstitutional because it mirrored the 1944 Supreme Court ruling in Korematsu v. United States, which let our military detain over 100,000 Japanese-American citizens without trial during World War II.

This Court rejects the government’s suggestion that American citizens can be placed in military detention indefinitely, for acts they could not predict might subject them to detention,” Judge Forrest wrote.

On August 21st, hundreds will gather at Pontiac City Hall to demand the City of Pontiac adopt the City Resolution we submitted yesterday. This is the beginning of something great. The rest is up to you.

We’re confident we can Take Back Pontiac from the indefinite detention provisions found within the NDAA.


It’s not okay that the military has the ability to devoid “any person” their rights under this section. One has to only commit a “belligerent” act.

What is a “belligerent act”?
Who are the “associated forces”?
What qualifies as a “hostility”?

Mayor of Pontiac, Deirdre Waterman

The terms belligerent act, associated forces, and hostilities are undefined in the NDAA, leaving them wide open for interpretation in secret courts and secret laws.

This means that anyone exercising their constitutional rights by way of peaceful protests, emails or letters to representatives, can be viewed as committing “terror” activities.

This will happen without trial, without being informed of a charge, or even without a charge(s), and indefinite detention pressed upon them… Secretly.

No trial, no lawyer or legal representation, no contact to friends and family.


With the increasing tendency of politicians to label dissenters as “terrorists”, time is of the essence.

Yesterday was just the beginning of the movement in Pontiac. We are inviting all anti-NDAA advocates from across Michigan to join us at the City Council meeting on August 21st.

It’s time to change the world, and we’re confident this is the way to do it.


Once City Council passes the Resolution we’ve submitted to Pontiac, we will not be stopping there. The Pontiac Tribune will be attending all City Council meetings in the future and we have a lot to bring up with the council.

What’s next?


Have you heard of the the secret military device called ‘Hailstorm’? The same device our local Oakland County Sheriff’s Department is using on citizens right here in Pontiac?

The only police department in the state of Michigan using the secret military technology, previously used by the U.S. military on terrorists in Iraq, is located less than a mile from Pontiac City Hall.

‘HailStorm’ is a new device obtained by the Oakland County Sheriff from a U.S. Homeland Security Grant and so far, there is hardly any information available about what it can and cannot do.

Hailstorm acts as a cell phone tower and connects with smart phones within a mile radius of it to collect data.

There were no questions asked when Oakland County commissioners unanimously approved the use of this cellphone tracking device. Hailstorm is believed to be an upgrade from the ‘Stingray’ technology used in Florida, and both devices are secret.

I don’t like not knowing what it’s capable of,” Oakland County Commissioner Jim Runestad told the Detroit News.

Privacy advocates are questioning why one of the safest counties in Michigan needs this very powerful, secretive military device called ‘Hailstorm’.


The Detroit News sought basic information about Hailstorm and the county denied their Freedom of Information Act request. Why can’t we know it’s capabilities? Why can’t we know how the police in Pontiac are using this military technology?

Maybe you think this doesn’t relate to you because you’re not a terrorist?

Unfortunately, this is a false assumption.


Just a few days ago a National Security Agency whistle blower released documents provingnearly half of the people on the U.S. Terror Watch list are not connected to any terror groups.

The Intercept published an article with new information obtained from the unnamed source. For years people have asked who has been added to the U.S. watch list, who is suspected of being a “terrorist”? Finally, we’ve gotten an answer.

Within hours, the U.S. government announced there is a new “leaker” who has been supplying the media with a different set of classified documents than Snowden.

This comes after last month the U.S. government disclosed that over 1.5 million Americans have been added to the watch list in just the last 5 years. According to the government report, 99% of the people submitted to be on the list are accepted.


Many are asking if we have a new ‘Snowden’ on our hands… My advice? Stay secret, our anonymous U.S. intelligence friend.

According to the documents, the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, has more residents on the terrorist watch list than any city in the United States other than New York.

If this article has resonated with you– Please, join us on August 21st.

Let’s take  Pontiac back from the indefinite detention provisions within sections 1021 and 1022 of the 2012 NDAA.

Property of the Oakland County Sheriff's Department

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department is next and WE are the people.

3 thoughts on “August 21st: Pontiac, MI Is Taking Their City Back From The 2012 NDAA

  1. Oh, boy…. They “marched into city hall and delivered a City Resolution on NDAA”. Isn’t that impressive?

    Now cities across America can waste their time delivering resolutions, and it’s not going to change a goddamn thing. But of course, the idiots marching into city hall will feel as if they accomplished something, and they’ll be convinced that we’re living in the land of the free and we have a representative government and a functioning judicial system.

    And those idiots will probably be the first ones rounded up under NDAA.

  2. Waste of time, they don’t need a law. When the time comes they will drag you out of your house and shoot you right in the street, all laws be damned. What we need is to put them in fear, so much so they won’t dare to attack or infringe on your rights. Right now we live because they let us live. We need to change that to they live because we let them live.

  3. A resolution that prohibits the enforcement of Sections 1021 and 1022 of the 2012? What about 2013, 2014 and every year after that? NDAA automatically reestablishes itself each and every year going forward.
    . . .

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