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Brutal Murder Caught On Surveillance Video In Lauderhill

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Don’t Fence Me In

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Heavy spraying in central Arizona today

We’ve been getting hit rather hard with chemtrails for the last few days now.

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Grad Rocket Attacks on Donetsk City, Civilian Casualties. Feb 2nd, English Subtitles.

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Civilian Casualties of Jan 25, 2017 in Lugansk, Ukraine War.

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Bodycam Footage Of Fort Worth Officer Arresting Jacqueline Craig And Her Two Daughters

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Goodyear officer who filmed naked women gets 3 years in prison

AZ Central – by Trevor Fey A Goodyear police officer accused of filming more than 20 unknowing naked women at a tanning salon was sentenced Friday in Maricopa County Superior Court to three years in prison. Judge Brad Astrowsky also ordered Jeffrey Streeter … Continue reading

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Pardon Sought For Prisoner Who Fought For Puerto Rican Independence

NPR Celebrities, politicians and activists, ranging from Bernie Sanders to Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, are asking President Obama to grant clemency to a man who was part of a militant group that fought for Puerto … Continue reading

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Fort Lauderdale Hoax – It’s ANOTHER Miracle (No, It REALLY is)

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Federals run like dogs after seeing the people of Mexico pissed

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Dashcam Video Show Gunfire Exchange Involving Sheriff’s Deputy

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Student Throws Volleyball At May River High School’s Resource Officer

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More than 20 thousand people protest in Mexicali against the gasoline and the law of Water of B.C

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Former State Senator Kicked Off Plane For Speaking Out Against Flight Crew

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Truck Slams Into A Group Of Police Officers During A Gas Prices Protest In Mexico

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Florida Airport Garbage. Is that what I think it is?

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Voter-approved minimum wage law divides Flagstaff

Fox 10 News – by Nicole Garcia FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (KSAZ) – Minimum wage is a topic that can be divisive, and that is proving to be true for the Flagstaff community, which has set a higher standard, when it comes … Continue reading

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Gunshots at gas-price protest shut Nogales port of entry The DeConcini port of entry in downtown Nogales closed for much of Sunday afternoon after demonstrations in Mexico turned violent and police fired numerous gunshots in the air. Mexican police reported that two officers were injured as some demonstrators … Continue reading

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Bloody Sunday

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Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Why will nobody help this man? ‘Cos it’s a hoax.

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